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Tulum Coba Playa Paraiso Ruina

Spectacular Oceanfront Ruin

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Tulum Coba Playa Paraiso

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Tulum Coba Playa Paraiso

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Precio Tulum Coba

Tulum, Coba & Paradise Beach from $45 USD per person

Important information


Tulum ciudad mayaOur excursion of Tulum, Coba & Paradise Beach It is the perfect combination of culture and fun for all tastes and ages.

If you are in the state of Quintana Roo, and if you want a tour to Tulum from Cancun our option tulum coba tour It is the perfect choice, we also have tour tulum coba from playa del carmen that cover tulum y coba the same day as an excellent choice of culture and fun.

The meeting places are located in the hotel lobby, Our units have all the necessary amenities for you to sit comfortably, in addition to having air conditioning. The drivers and guides are highly trained to give you the relevant information about the places that will be visited.

Our first stop is the archaeological zone of Tulum.


Tulum lugar magicoTulum It is undoubtedly one of the must-see places, while you are in Cancun or the Riviera Maya, do not miss the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful Mayan ruins in the world..

The archaeological zone of Tulum is located just 140 km from Cancun and 70 km from Playa del Carmen, in a privileged place, of all the Mayan ruins maybe these are the most charming because they are on the edge of the majestic Caribbean Sea with The different shades of blue that make swimming in them also enjoy beautiful views on the cliffs makes it a magical experience.

The name of Tulum means enclosure or wall and began to be used in our time when the area was in ruins, previously known as Zama which means dawn. It is a walled city of the year 1200 AD where you will find temples, palaces, next to the sea, a Mayan port etc.

Tulum Bienvenida Come to know and let yourself be carried away by its history, at the beginning it may seem like any other archaeological zone, but the moment you go into the walkers you discover the beauty of a city that seems like a story, you will know the temple of the frescoes, the temple of the god of wind, the house of the columns and the impressive castle in front of the sea that served as a lighthouse so that the navigators safely dodged the dangers of the reef

Our excursion includes entrance and visit explained 45 minutes by certified guides to the institute of anthropology and history, where it will help you better understand the place, mysticism and history of Tulum.

Later you have free time to explore Tulum to your liking and rhythm where also You can immerse yourself in the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea because you can swim on the beach, Swimming at the foot of the ruins is something magical. There are no words to describe such a paradise so Tulum, Coba & Paradise Beach is your best option.


Bicicletas en Coba For those who have the soul of archaeologist and researcher, Coba is pure adventure and is part of our star excursion Tulum, Coba & Paradise Beach

Very nice place to visit. There are two kilometers to walk from the entrance to the pyramid, but it is a pretty tree-lined road so it’s not so cramped, anyway, it can be done by bicycle, large trees on the side of the road allow walking or cycling without the sun disturbing. The pyramid is the highest in the region and the only one that can be climbed today, It is a magnificent archeological site located deep within the jungle 173 km away. from Cancun. It is distinguished by the Nohoch Mul pyramid, the highest in northern Yucatan. All of it is an enigma, since it rises above the jungle where it is located.

Piramide de Coba While the pyramid of Kukulcán in Chichen Itza is more impressive, but that of Coba they have the charm of being in the wildest state, no merchandise stands on the route, and without so many tourists. It is a very quiet place, Coba It is magical because it is not fully restored yet. Somewhere I read that only 5% of the buildings in the city have been excavated, which attracts me even more, and to get from one temple to the other you have to walk on paths in the jungle, being able to climb the main temple and imagine what its inhabitants once saw is priceless.

Coba it was founded between 500 and 900. Its name translates as "water with moss" or "water humidity", although there are authors who suggest that it means "murky water", due to the proximity to small lakes with a rather cloudy color. It is located 40 km from Tulum.

Andar con bicicletas por Coba I loved going through the ruins by bike, it's super fun! And also climbing the pyramid is a pretty good challenge to clear the lungs and activate the legs, the view from the top is spectacular! Jungle and more jungle, it is highly recommended to visit these ruins!

The ruins of the ancient Mayan city of Coba they are composed mainly of two pyramids, in addition to other secondary structures such as small Mayan ball fields. The main attraction is the pyramid that they allow to ascend to be semi-restored, it is a moderate level rise, although the really difficult thing is the descent, there is also a rope installed to hold and help. Anyone without physical problems can climb perfectly just by taking it easy.

The ascent to the pyramid is an adventure worth living, On the tour we will visit the Mayan observatory, which was the watchtower at the crossroads, the Mayan palace, the ball game a wake with Mayan codices, until we reach the main pyramid called Nohoch Mul

Vista desde arriba de la piramide de Coba It is not a place like other archeological areas of Mexico that can be visited without a guide because of the importance of this civilization that contribute to the Mayan culture and be the first and longest in the area, it is really worth to be accompanied by a professional because its Contribution is very sufficient and the details, codices and things to learn did not stop surprising me at all times. Which is included in the price of the excursion is approximately 45 minutes where the guide will transport you through time and the history of this civilization through legends, customs and traditions typical of this area.

Its smells, its light, its energy is simply wonderful!!!, Coba It has its own story, a story with love and peace, Coba you will really run out of words and want to return soon !! don't think about it anymore and book with us Tulum, Coba y Paradise Beach


Playa paraiso To finish off a fabulous day meet one of the best beaches in the world, In fact, it is considered by TripAdvisor as one of the 5 best beaches worldwide.

Spectacular, the beach is huge, the sand looks like flour, white, the crystal clear water, simply stunning. White sands generous beaches friendly palm trees emerald sea. Authentic natural beauty.

We really liked the beach, shade, palm trees, sun, a beach service with drinks and meals very good and accessible, payment by card. All excellent, a ride that should not be missed


Buffet Regional Tulum, Coba y Playa Paraiso Enjoy a delicious buffet of regional food, in a beautiful restaurant located near the places to visit, the food is typical of the region.

As can you realize we are your best option for tours to Tulum and the answer is very simple, we are the direct operators of the excursion, without intermediaries, this allows us to provide you with the best prices without detriment to the quality of the excursions, add to this we have the best promotions in the market

You want to know more about the places to know near Tulum (like "cenote dos ojos", "akumal", "tour riviera maya" etc), The best way to get to the archaeological zone at the best price, enter our blog and participate, we do not keep any secrets, since it was conceptualized www.tulum-tours.com We did it with the idea of making the necessary tips and information known to our visitors without saving anything.

And if for some reason you want to do a tour visiting another part, send an email and I assure you that we can find a way to carry it out, do you know why? Because we are the direct providers of the excursion, we have everything we need as a team , materials and logistics to do any tour you have in mind, and I forgot the most important, at the best price

And taking advantage that we already enter commercials :-) also remember that we not only have Tulum, Coba & Paradise Beach, If you only want to visit Tulum we have a half-day tour called Tulum Express, in addition to other Tulum combinations with packages such as Tulum & swim with turtles in Akumal y Tulum & swimming in a spectacular cenote not forgetting the little ones in the house with Tulum & Xel-Ha

As you can see Tulum, Coba & Paradise Beach It is one of our best tours, do not think more send us an email, WhatsApp or a call to provide you with the necessary information, have any questions, please contact us we are here to serve you

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If you are a person from United states, England etc and you only have dollars or euros, do not worry, you can pay in your home currency, only the exchange rate in force on the day of the excursion will be applied or you can easily change them in the nearest exchange house

people send us emails asking if there is a trick in our prices, they are surprised by it and the answer is very simple, we have the lowest prices in the market for the simple reason that we are the direct operators of the excursion, the deal is direct between Client and we do not have intermediaries for which we do not pay commissions, and that allows us to handle these competitive prices, and most importantly without affecting the quality of the tour

Check the included and not included tabs so that you can make a comparison with our competition, we try to be as transparent as possible to avoid misunderstandings as much as possible

Departing from Playa del Carmen
  • 9 years up is considered Adult the price is $45 USD or $800 pesos mxn or 40 euros per person
  • 3 to 9 years is considered a child and the price is $40 USD or $700 pesos mxn or $36 euros per person
  • 0 to 3 years is considered an infant and is totally free, however, they have not been assigned a seat
Departing from Cancun
  • 9 years up is considered Adult the price is $55 USD or $999 pesos mxn or $48 euros per person
  • 3 to 9 years is considered a child and the price is $50 USD or $900 pesos mxn or $45 euros per person
  • 0 to 3 years is considered an infant and is totally free, however, they have not been assigned a seat

Important Note

Children measuring more than 1.40 meters, but under 9 years old, an identification is required to prove their age to apply the price of children

Meeting place

Our mission is to try to save you as much as possible from your money, so we will never make you move to a particular point where you have to pay for another transportation.

Our meeting places in the vast majority of cases will be in the comfort of your hotel and only in very specific cases will we meet you somewhere for logistics reasons such as not knowing the address of your hotel (hostels etc.) or that the hotel is difficult to access and transportation is very complicated to enter the place.

  • The meeting place is in the lobby of your hotel (hotels located in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya)
  • The schedule time for transportation to your hotel will depends on the location of the hotel
  • If we know the address of your hotel we will pass by you, otherwise we will designate a nearby and central place
  • If you have questions about the location of your hotel send us an email

It includes

We try to provide all the necessary services to fully enjoy the activity, however, we always recommend bringing cash for anything that may be needed.

  • Round transportation in hotels located in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya
  • Comfortable units with air conditioning
  • Professional driver
  • Early departures to make the most of the day
  • Access to the archaeological zone of Tulum
  • Guided tour of the area through a guide certified by the archaeological zone of Tulum
  • Free time in Tulum (You can swim on the beach)
  • Transportation to Coba
  • Access to the archaeological zone of Coba
  • Guided tour by certified guide in the archaeological zone of Coba
  • Free time in Coba (You can climb the pyramid)
  • Transportation to Playa Paraíso
  • Travel insurance
  • Buffet meal regional menu

Not include

Dear customer, the following specific information about things that are not included in our excursion, we try as much as possible to provide everything you need to enjoy our excursions, however, it is very likely that expenses that we do not have contemplated as tips, photos etc.

We try in the descriptions of our tours to be as explicit as possible, however, if you have any questions do not hesitate to send a WhatsApp or email, our operators are waiting

  • Train from the parking lot to the entrance at Tulum
  • Tips
  • Photos
  • Souvenirs
  • In the ruins if you carry a video camera, there is an extra charge
  • Bicycles in coba
  • Drinks at the buffet
  • There is food included (Buffet) however in Playa Paraíso what they wish to consume is on their own
  • If it is not specified in the Include tab, it is not included


Only here you will find the best promotions to visit Tulum, this is possible thanks to the fact that we are the direct providers of the excursion, which allows us to handle the best prices without affecting the quality of the tour

Book with us and cut off with all the intermediaries that the only thing they achieve is to make the activity more expensive. You will not regret

  • When buying 8 excursions to Tulum, Coba Playa Paraíso get the eighth person for free (for every 7 people you can take one for free)
  • Groups over 10 people have a special price please send an email

These promotions are valid until August 30, 2019.

*Terms and Conditions

  • Reservations with promotions require reservations at least 7 days in advance of the day of the excursion.
  • Promotion valid until August 30, 2019
  • This promotion does not apply or can be combined with another promotion, offer or package

If you wish to apply for this promotion please send an email or call and let our customer service department know so that the desired discount is applied

What are you waiting for, book now and get advantage of these promotions and discounts! www.tulum-tours we are your best option

What to bring

Prepare yourself for the heat, bring an umbrella, glasses, sunscreen, hat, water and your swimsuit, as you will want to get into the beautiful beaches.

  • Cap or sun hat
  • Comfortable and cool clothes since you walked a lot and with average temperatures of 25-30 degrees you could get very hot
  • Comfortable walking shoes (tennis, can be sandals)
  • A backpack with bottled water (Within the archeological areas they are not available or expensive)
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Towels
  • Snacks
  • Photographic camera
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Swimsuit (you can swim in Tulum and in the cenotes) can be worn under clothing for more comfort
  • Cash, credit card for souvenirs
  • Good attitude :-)

Payment Methods

To book our excursion we are super flexible, it is necessary in most cases a deposit of 20% of the total cost of the tour, to guarantee your spaces and the rest of the money in cash at the time to pick you up at your hotel.

  • deposit in our bank account
  • PayPal
  • If you are very apprehensive, we have the option to pay the total cost of the excursion at the time of the pickup Restrictions apply

Once the deposit is made you will be sent all the necessary information of the pickup place, telephone numbers, photo of the guides and everything elementary to know where to go in case you need assistance

Frequent questions

About the excursion

1.- How long is the Tulum, Coba and Playa Paraíso tour?

Depending on where your hotel is located, if it is Cancun or Playa del Carmen, but it lasts approximately 10 - 11 hours since 3 fantastic places are visited. Tulum, Coba and Playa Paraíso

2.- What does Tulum, Coba and Playa Paraíso include?

It basically includes the following
  • Round Transportation
  • Entrance to the archaeological zone of Tulum and Coba
  • Guided tour by certified guide at both archeological sites
  • Buffet food
  • Visit to Paradise Beach
you want more information check this link

3.- Does the price seem very cheap, is there a trick?

It is true, and you know why the price is like this, because we are the direct providers of the excursion which allows us to handle the lowest price in the market, however to avoid misunderstandings, we try to be as explicit as possible about what is included and What is not included, But the simple answer is NO, THERE IS NO TRICK, if you have any questions please contact us

4.- Does it include food? if so what kind?

Yes. includes food in designated place, and the type of food is regional buffet, important drinks in the restaurant where food is served are not included

5.- Does it include drinks?

No. It does not include drinks, you can bring your own drinks, however in the restaurant it is not allowed to enter drinks, which are not included in the price of the tour, in addition to that in the archaeological zone it is not allowed to enter more than with water

6.- Can we swim on the beach? on this tour Tulum, Coba and Playa Paraíso

YES, in Tulum and Playa Paraíso we have free time that can be used to swim on the beach

7.- Can I introduce my baby's food?

YES, we are aware of the babies and yes, it can be introduced in the restaurant, however in the archaeological zones the decision depends on their custodians.

8.- Can you enter food in the archeological zone?

Unfortunately NO, there are almost no trash cans and a lot of garbage would be generated within the archaeological zone, food is not allowed to enter Tulum or Coba

9.- What time is spent in each place?

Times are approximate and depend on many factors, however we can give you times on average based on our experience, which may vary

  • Tulum: 2 hours
  • Coba: 2 hours
  • Playa Paraíso: 1 hour

Reservations, Changes, Customer Service and Cancellations

1.- How can I book?

Send an email, call or WhatsApp to the numbers that are on the screen, indicating the day and the number of adults and children, we will check if there is availability and you only have to pay a deposit to guarantee your reservation, the rest of the money in cash at the time of looking for your group or you can pay the full amount before the tour

2.- If I buy online how do I get my tickets?

When we confirm your deposit, an email will be sent with all the information about the meeting place, schedules, photos of the guide, etc. That email is your ticket, there is your reservation number and everything you need to identify yourself

3.- Do I have to reserve for a specific date?

Yes, especially during the holiday season we tend to be full on all our tours, it is advisable to have a specific day to guarantee your transportation spaces

4.- I don't have a credit card how can I do it?

You can make the direct deposit to our bank accounts, you can also pay by debit card or you can pay in cash at the time of the tour (restrictions apply)

5.- I am very distrustful, I have had bad past experiences, can I pay everything at the time of the tour when I see the transportation and the guides?

Yes, we are flexible in the payment methods, however all we ask is that you show our online advisors that you will show up at the time of the excursion, so restrictions apply but YES we have this option, send a email for more information

6.- What schedules do you have for customer service?

We work all day, but office hours are from 07:00 am to 10:00 pm Monday through Friday and Saturdays and Sundays from 07:00 am to 09:00 pm

7.- Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

Yes, there is no problem as long as both parties agree and let us know

8.- How do I call you from abroad?

If you dial from the United States we have phones with Lada USA, if you want to speak to the central offices in Playa del Carmen dial +52 1 987 112 94 91

9.- If I reserve for a date, but for unforeseen circumstances I want to change the day is it possible to do it?

Without any problem, all we ask is 12 hours in advance for those spaces to be sold to someone else

10.- Can I pay with someone else's card?

Yes, as long as the cardholder agrees to that transaction

11.- I could not print my coupon what can i do?

Send us a message to send you a new one in case of loss, although with only your name or your confirmation number is more than enough, our operators are with a list of all the people they have to look for

12.- When can I cancel?

At any time as long as it is at least 12 hours in advance, if the day of the excursion and does not show up, no show charges or administrative expenses are generated, but each case is analyzed separately in case of exceptions

13.- How can I contact you?

We have all the services available, you can talk on the phone, send an SMS message, by WhatsApp, Email that is the most recommended, or you can come in person to our offices located in Playa del Carmen

14.- I am interested can you call me?

Yes, just send us your phone number and an operator will be happy to contact you

15.- What are your cancellation and refund policies?

While you notify us that there will be a change or cancellation with 12 hours in advance, no charges apply, we also have a bad weather policy, in which it is raining very hard and you think it will be like this all day, you can cancel with a 100% refund there is no other company that offers you all these flexibility options

Cost, Promotions and Payment Methods

1.- What is the price of the Tulum, Coba and Playa Paraíso excursion?

From Playa del Carmen these are the prices

The price per adult over 9 years is $800 Mexican pesos or $45 USD per person, between 3 and 9 years is considered a child and the price is $700 Mexican pesos or $40 USD per person, under 3 years is considered infant and do not pay, however they do not occupy seat on the bus

From Cancun these are the prices

The price per adult above 9 years is $999 Mexican pesos or $55 USD per person, between 3 and 9 years is considered child and the price is $900 Mexican pesos or $50 USD per person, below 3 years is considered infant and do not pay, however they do not occupy seat on the bus

Important: Children over 1.40 and under 9 are considered adults and an identification is required to check their age for more info check this link

2.- When do you consider yourself an adult and a minor?

From Playa del Carmen these are the prices

The price per adult over 9 years is $800 Mexican pesos or $45 USD per person, between 3 and 9 years is considered a child and the price is $700 Mexican pesos or $40 USD per person, under 3 years is considered infant and do not pay, however they do not occupy seat on the bus

From Cancun these are the prices

The price per adult above 9 years is $999 Mexican pesos OR $55 USD per person, between 3 and 9 years is considered child and the price is $900 Mexican pesos or $50 USD per person, below 3 years is considered infant and do not pay, however they do not occupy seat on the bus

Important: Children over 1.40 and under 9 are considered adults and an identification is required to check their age for more info check this link

3.- Are we a big family, do you have a better price?

Yes, contact us to find a package to suit you, and see what promotions are in available, the one we have all this year is if there are 8 adults only pay 7 and 8 is totally free. Valid August 30. 2019

4.- What promotions do you have?

If there are 8 adults we give you a totally free one, that is, for every 8 pay only 7, the best prices and the best promotions because we are the direct operators of the excursion, you are a larger group send email we can give you a better discount

5.- I Am not Mexican, do you respect the same price?

Without any problem, it is the same price for everyone, you can pay in pesos, us dollars or euros at the exchange rate of the day of the excursion

6.- How can I pay you?

In all possible ways, bank deposit, cash, Dollars, euros, online banking, PayPal etc. contact us for more information

7.- Can I pay you in Dollars or Euros?

Yes, only the exchange rate of the day is applied, if it is another currency send email to see if we can accept it

8.- Can I pay you with a credit card?

Yes, without any problem, in fact, it is the most common payment method but there is an increase of 4% for administrative expenses

9.- Can I present my purchase confirmation on my cell phone or Tablet?

Yes, our operators have a list of all the people considered in the excursion


1.- Does it include transportation?

Yes, luxury transportation, depending on the number of people can be a truck or a van, We have highly trained drivers and air conditioning

2.- Where do they pick me up?

In the comfort of your lodging center, as long as we know the address and transportation can enter, there is no pickup in the popular areas, only in hotels or hostels, you want more information check this link

3.- How do you guarantee that you will looking for me?

We have a reputation to take care of and today with social networks it is very easy to have a bad reputation, we take great care of our image and we will never sell you something that we are not sure we can meet, besides with this we offer the following, pay everything at the moment that we go to look for you, when you see the transportation and our guides, we have no problems in this, restrictions apply, if you have questions send an email we are here to serve you

4.- How many minutes do I have tolerance when going for me?

5 minutes, remember that there are more people that we have to go looking for, so out of respect for others, the tolerance time is very short.


The route that is put to your consideration, is subject to change without notice, for issues such as roadblocks, emergencies etc. However, as far as possible, 99.9% of cases are successfully carried out.

  • Archaeological Zone of Tulum, Guided Visit, Free Time in the area
  • Archaeological Zone of Coba, Guided Visit, Free Time in the area
  • Visit Paradise Beach
  • Regional food (Buffet) *Drinks not included*


Unfortunately we have certain restrictions for our excursion, we try to be as detailed as possible in our descriptions to avoid misunderstandings, if you have any questions, please contact us we are at your service

  • Because of the complicated terrain in the ruins it is not advisable for people in wheelchairs
  • You have to have the ability to walk on sloping terrain, loose rocks, gravel etc.
  • There is a 10-minute stretch from the parking spot in Tulum to the entrance to the ruins
  • Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Tripies, special video equipment is prohibited in the ruins
  • In Tulum it is strictly forbidden to climb the ruins
  • Bicycles in Coba are not included, they are paid extra (cash) by the customer
  • Drinks not included in the buffet restaurant
  • If you are going to enter the sea and want to swim in the deepest part you should know how to swim, otherwise we recommend you stay in the lower part where you can step on the bottom


There are always situations beyond our control, and we are a sensitive company, please check the following information, if you have any questions please contact the customer service department

  • There are no cancellation charges at least 12 hours in advance
  • If there is very heavy rain you have the option to cancel without any penalty
  • Health problems, applies to only one individual, but not to the rest of the participants

Rate:5/5 based on 8 votes

A big place with a few historic buildings, nice to walk, be comfortable because it is really hot, best of the place the beach down


Coba is one of the last Mayan ruins that you are still allowed to climb on, so if that is something you are interested in doing, you might want to do so before the government stops that here as they have any all the others. This place is amazing, and a great way to get here is as part of a day-trip excursion


This place enchanted the view and the contrast between the ancient structure and the beach — too much Mayan culture to learn. Things to know about this place, first remember is near the coast, don't forget the sunblock, hat, bugs repellent, and water to keep hydrated. Prepare to walk and remember is one of the most visited places in the area; you will find a lot of people's.


Have good walking shoes, water ,small towel and sunscreen. The place is beautiful to tour and explore, but if you are not an active walker it will be hard to climb the steps and be out in the sun. So many Iguanas and other wildlife in and around the Ruins which makes it wonderful to take pictures and gaze at the beauty of the place.


Tulum beach is wonderful. If I could have stayed right in that spot for the rest of my life...


Most beautiful beach I've seen so far! The water is absolutely gorgeous and it feels so good to swim in. I went swimming near the ruins and WOW! What an experience! It's like the Mayans knew exactly were to build those pyramids


I have always been interested by historical sites, and so as a photographer by hobby this was an amazing place to visit. The ruins are of a Mayan town founded in the 500s AD, with its height around 1200-1500. The ruins include two temples on a cliff overlooking the beautiful water. This was a highlight of the trip.


We've visited many Mayan ruin sites in this region (including Belize and Guatemala), and this was the best one in Mexico IMHO. Not too many people, situated in the jungle, you can climb up a pyramid, not too large - makes it a very worthy trip!


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