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What a beautiful place!

They have 4 different cenotes

Tulum Coba Playa Paraiso


It's worthy

Cenotes Tour in Tulum from $25 USD per person

Important information

To guarantee this is no scam: Don't pay anything in advance, you can pay the day of the excursion ***Restrictions Apply

Description 4 Cenotes Tour

Tour de cenotes en Tulum

Excursion 4 cenotes of Casa Tortugas

Explore the most impressive cenotes in Tulum at an unbeatable price!

Come discover the most beautiful cenotes in Tulum, enjoying a unique adventure at an incredible price. With our tourist package, you will have the opportunity to visit four spectacular cenotes in a single day

If you are looking to know a cenote at a good price this is your best option

If cenotes attract your attention, let me tell you that the area near Tulum has many cenotes and it is one of the best places in the world to swim in these spectacular places.

On this excursion we will be able to explore 4 cenotes. We will visit 2 cave-type cenotes and 2 open-type cenotes

If you want to see a few different types of cenotes, this is the tour for you. Casa Tortuga has 4 and they are all amazing. The water is cold, but not unbearable, it’s very refreshing

This is the brief explanation of the excursion, if you want to see a video, we put one here for your consideration. It is important that after the video you return here so that we may explain the fine details of the activity.

  • Entrance fee at the cenotes
  • Visit 4 Cenotes (2 open air cenotes + 2 cavern type cenotes)
  • Guide
  • Lifejackets

Detailed description

This place is absolutely beautiful! If you are not sure what to expect from this cenote after having been in some, you will hear from the locals that it is a great option since you can see 4 different cenotes during your visit. This tour is a must. We provide a guide who will take you through each cenote.

Excursion de cenotes en Tulum After the approximately hour and a half tour, you can return to either of the two open cenotes (Dorca or 3 Zapotes) on your own to enjoy. That will be the best time, relaxing and floating around the transparent emerald green water. As the groups pass by, you will have moments in the cenote to yourselves. If you stay still, the fish will give you a natural exfoliation or SPA. A magical place that is worth visiting and experiencing on your own after the tour.

The groups are small, of approximately 15 people maximum (group size may vary), all accompanied by their guide who will take them through the different cenotes of Casa Tortugas.

The guide will collect your shoes at the entrance of each cenote and then return them to you when you exit. You can wear sandals or you can wear water shoes if you want and keep them on. Everyone must shower before putting on their life jackets for conservation of the ecosystem to start the tour. You can leave your towels and all your belongings in the locker. There is a lot of shade in each cenote. The water is refreshing but not very cold. After the tour is over, you can return to either of the two open cenotes and swim on your own if you wish.

Check out this comment from one of our clients

Excursiones a cenotes en Tulum They put you in a group of maybe 15 people and a guide takes you to each of the 4 cenotes, you are only allowed a limited time in each one. But we were pretty tired by the end of 4 of them. My youngest son is 10 years old and he is not a swimmer, but with the life jackets he was not scared at all.

You are not allowed to enter the cave cenotes without the guide, but if you wish, you can return and visit the 2 open cenotes on your own after your tour ends.

We had a great time. We wore water shoes, which I bought before our trip, and we also had our own mask and snorkel that we took with us.

  • Life vests with are mandatory to use in the closed cenotes
  • Expert guide who will give you an explanation of all of the cenotes
They also have all the facilities such as showers, bathrooms and changing tables, there are also lockers although they have an extra cost (approximately $100 pesos) and a small restaurant. It is advisable to bring cash, preferably pesos, because here there is almost no cell phone signal so credit cards are not accepted and the exchange rate for dollars is very low

This is a great activity for the family, for the excellent combination of quality and price

This is a brief description of the cenotes that we will visit

Cenote Campana (Closed Cenote):

Cenotes Campana Closed cenote where there are platforms to enter the water by jumping or from some stairs located on one side, there are many stalactites and stalagmites (it is important not to touch them as they are very delicate and take many years to form)

In this cenote we will go underground through a cave and we will see many stalactites and even a family of bats. The guides will give you plenty of time to swim and explore. Do not forget your snorkel masks, you can look at the bottom. It is very fun, especially for children between 5 and 7 years old. It will be a very fun day

Cenote Wisho / Jaguar (Cenote closed):

Cenotes Wisho This cenote is a semi open cavern, it has a slightly small entrance, so you have to be a little brave, you must go through a passage that leads to a dry cavern, where you can see the roots of the trees and some fossils

In this cenote there is a little surprise, for all the participants.

Cenote Dorca:

Cenotes Dorca In my opinion it is the most beautiful cenote of the complex, it is also an open type cenote, with clear waters with emerald tones.

It has a path that connects the beginning to the end of the cenote for those who may not want to get wet. It is one of the most fun due to the fact that it has two platforms where one can jump.

This cenote is really cool as there are some fish, a place to jump, and a mini tiki bar with great drinks.

It is also one of the cenotes that can be visited at the end of the guided tour

Cenote Tres Zapotes:

Cenotes 3 zapotes This is the largest cenote in the complex, it has a U-shape, it is a great fresh water fluvial route where there are several places where the more adventurous can jump in.

Usually you enter from one side and swim the entire cenote until you exit on the other side, this cenote can be visited at the end of the guided tour

It has an average depth of approximately 2-3 meters so it is not very deep and there are several parts where one can stop to rest, in addition there are several access stairs.


  • The cost of the lockers is approximately $100 pesos per locker
  • We recommend that you bring snorkeling mask so that you can enjoy a better view of the bottom of the cenotes
  • Bring cash, preferably pesos. In this location the cell service is really bad and they do not accept credit cards, the exchange rate is very low
  • Bring your towel and swimming suit
  • We recommend that you don't bring many things along with you through the visit of the cenotes


Perhaps the best thing about the excursion is the guides. They play an essential role in making the excursion a success. They will give you the confidence to overcome the fears that you may have when swimming in the cenotes.

They will answer each and every one of your questions, and they are full of information, constantly telling stories about the cenote. The guides have many stories and legends about the Mayan culture, but all with a very good sense of humor.

They are the person in charge that makes sure that the care/rules of the cenotes are complied with. For example, not to enter the water with chemicals, in addition to not touching the stalactite or stalagmite formations that are in the underground cenotes

Check out this comment

It was the best experience I had in Tulum. We were a small group and some of us couldn't swim (myself included). However, our guide was amazing, he inspired me so much and literally took me by the hand in the first cenote. They are the best!!!

Your best option

As you can tell, we are your best option to spend an incredible day in the Tulum area, at an incredible price, we include roundtrip transportation

We have 2 departures throughout the day

  • First departure at 11:00am: good option for those that want to leave a little later in the day
  • Second departure at 01:00 pm: if you do not have anything else planned this is a great option to partake in a fun activity at a great price, you won't regret it


If you are in the Playa del Carmen or Tulum area we have options with round transportation included, for only $60 USD or $1000 pesos per person

If you have your own vehicle and can get to the facilities, the price is $25 USD / $350 pesos per person, this option does not include transportation of any kind (At least 1 day in advance is required to make the reservation).

The transportation we use is a Toyota HIACE or Sprinter type van with air conditioning.

If you have a group of at least 4 people, send a message we have great promotions that we can apply

By the way, I want to emphasize that in our excursions we are never going to charge you anything in advance, you can pay in cash when you are picked up.

Other options

In addition to the cenotes tour options in Tulum or the 4 cenotes excursion, we have other options that may be more suitable for your family / group.

For example, we have these options with cenotes included
Also the options with Tulum
As you can see, we specialize in excursions to Tulum and / or the cenotes in this area. Don’t think twice, ask our customer service operators for a no obligation quote, we are here to serve you


Very soon we will have a Blog with very detailed information on the best options to visit in Tulum and the cenotes, in which we will put at your disposal all our experience of years of living in this area of Mexico.

We answer questions such as
  • Cenote, Tulum
  • Private cenote tour Tulum
  • Gran Cenote Tulum
  • Tulum cenotes map
  • Cenote Dos Ojos
  • How to get to Gran Cenote from Tulum

Prevention measures against COVID-19

  • Mandatory use of mask in public areas
  • Antibacterial gel
  • Sanitized equipment before the excursion
  • Guides are required to wear a mask during the excursion
  • Temperature measurement of all personnel upon arrival at work

Social media

Social networks have changed the way in which we socialize, and in order to keep up with the times, we have started a page on facebook and a page on Instagram will soon be ready. We invite you to take a look, there you will find very useful information

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Incredible price, beautiful cenotes, the best combination of the Riviera Maya of Tulum. We have several prices, which depends largely on whether you have a way to get to the place or if you need transportation

For example

Departures from Playa del Carmen or Tulum
  • The price with transportation is $55 USD or $800 pesos per person
  • If you have your own vehicle and want to arrive on your own, the price is $350 pesos / $25 USD per person (It is required that the reservation be a minimum of one day in advance)
Departures from Cancun or Puerto Morelos
  • Unfortunately at this time we do not have departures from Puerto Morelos or Cancun

Meeting place

If you purchase the excursion with transportation, the meeting place will be in 90% of the cases in the lobby of your hotel. The only way that we do will not pick you up is if you are staying in an AIRBNB, in which case we will designate a meeting place nearby that can be reached by walking to

We have pickup service from your hotel in Playa del Carmen or Tulum

If you take the excursion without transportation, it is understood that you have a way to get to cenotes Casa Tortuga on your own, in which case the round trip transportation is at the customer's expense.

If you do not have a vehicle to get to the Casa Tortuga cenotes, I strongly recommend that you take the excursion with transportation. It would be more expensive to find transportation there and back on your own. You will also waste lots of time waiting for a Riviera Maya public transportation system transportation or a taxi


We include the most basic things to spend a wonderful day, however, it is important to make clear what is included in this excursion

With transportation

  • Round-trip transportation from your hotel or an area close to your lodging place
  • Visit 4 cenotes (2 open cenotes and 2 closed cenotes)
  • Guided visit to the cenotes
  • Life vests during the guided tour portion

If you want the excursion without transportation, take into account that transportation is at the customer's expense.

Not included

Just as there are things that are included, there are also things that are not included, for example

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Lockers ($100 pesos per locker)
  • The life vests are available during the guided tour, if you would like to use a life vest during your free time you can rent one at the central area of Casa Tortugas
  • Snorkeling masks during the guided tour portion

If you choose the excursion without transportation, all transportation costs to and from are paid by the client.


The best promotions on the market without affecting the quality of the excursion only here at Tulum Tours

Unfortunately at this moment there are no promotions available

What to Bring

There are certain things that we feel are necessary to bring, others that are optional, but in general the most common things are on this list

  • Caps or sun hats
  • Light and comfortable clothing we will be walking a lot in temperatures that can reach the upper 80's
  • Sandals or water shoes
  • Backpack or bag to put your things in
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Towels
  • Camera
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Swimming suit, you can wear it underneath your clothing if you are more comfortable
  • Bring cash for any purchases, photos, or food

Forms of payment

We accept the most common forms of payment however, it is important on this excursion to bring cash in case you want to buy a snack or drinks etc.

We recommend bringing Mexican pesos because the exchange rate is not very good. It is important to emphasize that credit cards are not accepted in the cenotes facilities.

  • Bank deposits (At least 1 day in advance)
  • PayPal (At least 1 day in advance)
  • If you are at all apprehensive we do have the option to pay the total cost of the excursion at the time of pickup Restrictions apply

Frequently asked questions

Regarding the excursion

1.- How long is the tour of the 4 cenotes?

This all depends on where your hotel is located for pickup, but it is approximately 5-6 hours long if your departure from Playa del Carmen or Tulum

2.- How long will we spend in the cenote complex?

We will be in the complex of the cenotes Casa Tortugas for approximately 5-6 hours

3.- I would like the most affordable option, what option do you have?

If you have your own vehicle you can get to the Casa Tortugas facilities and there the price would be the lowest, send us a message to get the updated prices

4.- Do you need to know how to swim in order to take this tour?

It is recommended, but not necessary. You don't need to be an expert swimmer; you just need to be comfortable in the water in order to enjoy the cenotes

5.- What is there to do in cenotes Casa Tortugas?

The main activity is the beautiful cenotes that this place has to offer. There is also a small restaurant because after swimming in the cenotes one ends up hungry. There are also areas that sell many snacks such as marquesitas, ice cream etc.

6.- What is and what is not included in this tour of the 4 cenotes?

Overall we include
  • Round-trip transportation if you select this option
  • Visit 4 cenotes
  • Guide for explanations
  • Life vests
Not included
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Photos
  • Tips
  • Lockers
  • Snorkeling mask
you want more information check this link

7.- Are life vests included during the excursion of the 4 cenotes?

The price includes one life jacket per person, which is mandatory to use in the closed cenotes, however, it is only included while you are with the guide. If you want to use a life jacket during your free time it is necessary to rent it in the cenote facilities Casa Tortugas

8.- The price seems really low is there some kind of trick?

We are always looking for ways to offer you excursions with a good price and with very good quality. So no, there is no trick and proof of it, is the very detailed explanation that is offered. Remember, you do not have to pay anything in advance, you can pay the total amount of the excursion the day of your tour

9.- Is food included in the tour of the 4 cenotes?

Unfortunately no, there is no food included, there is a restaurant where you can eat something after swimming in the cenotes.

It is important to emphasize that only cash is accepted. Credit cards are not accepted, and we recommend carrying Mexican pesos because the exchange rate is very low

10.- Are drinks included?

No, unfortunately this excursion does not include any type of drinks.

11.- Can we swim in the cenotes after the tour?

Yes, after the tour you will be given free time. During this time you can return to the 2 open cenotes to swim

12.- Can I bring in food for my baby?

Yes, if its baby food you can bring it in, the only thing you cannot bring in to the complex Casa Tortugas is food for adults

13.- Can we bring food into the complex of cenotes Casa Tortugas?

No, unfortunately in this area it is prohibited to bring in food

14.- How much time will we be in each area?

The time in each cenote is approximately 10-20 minutes depending on several factors. At the end of the tour with the guide you can return to any of the 2 open cenotes and spend your free time there. You will have approximately 2 hours before the transportation leaves

15.- Do we need to leave a deposit for the lockers?

No, you do not have to leave a deposit for the lockers, but you have to pay $100 pesos for rental of each locker

Important: You will be given a key to the locker, it is important to be aware that if you lose that key, it has a cost of $200 pesos. They do not have copies of the keys and will have to break the lock in order to access your things. Therefore, you will be responsible for buying a new lock.

16.- Does this tour include life vests?

Yes, it includes life jackets which are mandatory in the closed cenotes. These are only available while you are with the guide. During your free time if you wish you can rent a life jacket in the cenotes boutique Casa Tortugas and you have to leave an ID

Reservations, Changes, Customer service and Cancellations

1.- How can I make my reservation?

The fastest way to make your reservation is through WhatsApp, you can also send us and email or give us a call

2.- If I buy the excursion online how do I get my tickets?

At the time of closing the reservation process, a PDF with your confirmation will be sent by WhatsApp with all of the necessary information. If you sent an email, another email will be sent with all the information in text format

3.- We are still unsure what date we would like to take the tour, is that information necessary?

Yes, without the date we cannot complete the reservation process

4.- Is it necessary to have a credit card in order to reserve this excursion?

No, it is not necessary to have a credit card to make this reservation

5.- I am very apprehensive can I pay for the tour the day of, once I am picked up?

Yes, just inform our customer service operators that you would like to pay on cash the day of your excursion so they may complete the appropriate reservation

6.- What are your office hours?

We work all day but, the office hours are 07:00am- 10:00pm Monday thru Friday. Saturday and Sunday 07:00am – 09:00pm

7.- Can I make a reservation in someone else's name?

Yes, as long as the detailed information that will be sent to you is shared with everyone in your group to avoid any misunderstandings. Also, please let us know if you are reserving for a different person

8.- How can I call the office from outside of Mexico?

If you are calling from outside of Mexico you can dial +52 987 112 9491

9.- I have reserved a date now and have changed my mind. What can I do?

Just let us know as soon as possible so that we can make changes in our reservation system

10.- I don't have a credit card, can I pay with someone else’s credit card?

No, unfortunately we have very strict rules against credit card fraud. The cardholder must pay for the tour

11.- I can't print my coupon, what can I do?

You do not need to print anything. We are a 100% green company so everything is digital, you can show us your reservation on your cell phone.

12.- An issue has arisen, how can I cancel?

Cancel at any time, just let us know as soon as possible so that we have time to make the necessary adjustments in our daily operation

13.- How can I get in contact with you?

The easiest way to get in touch with us is by WhatsApp, however we do have other forms of communication such as Facebook, email, or call us

14.- I am about to make a reservation but I have a question can you call me?

Yes, just send us your telephone number, and the time you want us to call and one of our operators will gladly call you

15.- What are the cancellation policies?

We will never charge you anything in advance if you cancel, nothing happens, because you have not paid anything. We only ask for obvious reasons to notify us as soon as possible to avoid wasting time looking or waiting for you

Costs, Promotions, and Payment forms

1.- What is the price of the tour 4 cenotes?

Departures from Cancun with transportation
  • Unfortunately at this time we do not have departures from Puerto Morelos or Cancun
Departures from Playa del Carmen or Tulum
  • The price is $800 pesos per person adults and children above the age of 2 years old, this includes round-trip transportation
Excursion without transportation
  • The price is $350 pesos per person (does not include any type of transportation), it is understood that the client will arrive/leave by his own means to the cenote facility Casa Tortugas. Reservation is necessary at least 1 day in advance

2.- What is considered an adult vs child for pricing?

In this excursion adults and children pay the same price, only infants under the age of 3 years old are free

3.- We are a big family, do you have group prices?

Send a message there might be something available for you

4.- What promotions do you have?

Send a message there might be something available for you

5.- I'm not local. Is the price the same?

Yes, the price and promotions are the same for everyone

6.- How can I pay?

You can pay in cash on the day of the excursion, either pesos or USD. If you pay in advance you can pay by electronic transfer, bank deposit, or PayPal restrictions apply

7.- Can I pay with dollars or euros?

Yes, just inform us in advance how you will be paying if you are using a currency other than pesos

8.- Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, just take into account when paying by credit card there is a 5% bank fee that applies

9.- Can I show my confirmation number using my cell phone?

Yes, you don't have to print anything, just show us using your phone.


1.- Does the excursion 4 cenotes include transportation?

Yes, we have transportation from the comfort of your lodging center either in Tulum or Playa del Carmen.

There are also options without transportation, send us a message for more details

2.- Where will you pick us up?

In the lobby of your hotel, as long as you book with transportation included. If you are not staying in a hotel, we will designate a nearby meeting location

3.- How can I be sure that you will come pick me up?

We have a reputation to uphold and nowadays with social networks it is very easy to get a bad reputation. We take great care of our image and we will never sell you something that we are not sure we can fulfill. In addition, we offer you the following, pay everything at the moment that we pick you up. We have no problems in this regard, only note that restrictions apply, if you have questions send us an email, we are here to serve you

4.- How many minutes will you wait for me at my hotel?

Usually 5 minutes, we ask that you be waiting on time at the meeting point. Remember that this is a shared excursion and others will be waiting

5.- Where is the meeting point to return to my hotel?

At the first entrance of the Casa Tortugas facilities, you must walk to this place which is 10 minutes from the second entrance of Casa Tortugas, follow the sidewalk

6.- What is the return time to my hotel?

We only have two departure times

  • 03.20 pm
  • 05.20 pm

If you decide to leave before, you can take a taxi but the cost will be paid by you directly

7.- Can I leave at any time to return to my hotel?

Unfortunately not, we only have two departure times, as the vans are taking and bringing people to and from other places. If you'd like you can take a taxi back, however, that expense is paid by you directly

8.- Why can't you pick me up at the second entrance of cenotes Casa Tortugas?

To avoid conflicts with the taxi union, the meeting is the place assigned to us and this is stipulated in the agreement with the taxi drivers


During this excursion 4 cenotes are visited, 2 open and 2 closed cenotes. The order in which we will visit the cenotes may vary depending on the number of groups that are in the area. We guarantee that we will visit all four cenotes. The following is a general idea of the itinerary

  • Transportation to cenotes Casa Tortugas
  • Guided visit to 4 cenotes (2 open and 2 closed)
  • Free time
  • Transportation to return to your hotel


We try to make it so that most people can experience the excursion. However, there are certain restrictions that must be taken into account

  • To apply the payment the day of the excursion is only groups of less than 4 people. If you make two reservations we cannot guarantee that they will go on the same transportation
  • Because of the complicated terrain and stairs this tour is not recommended for people who are in wheelchairs
  • Need to have the ability to walk through different terrains including hills, and gravel roads
  • There is a 10 min walk from the parking lot to the entrance of cenotes
  • You can not visit a closed cenote without a guide
  • You cannot touch the stalagmites or stalactites for conservation
  • It is necessary to shower before entering the cenote in order to wash of any chemicals you might be wearing
  • You cannot enter the cenotes with sunblock, tanning oils, makeup or other chemicals that may affect the cenotes
  • Under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult
  • You are not allowed to bring food into the area of the cenotes
  • The life vests are for use during the guided tour. If you would like you may rent one for your free time
  • The use of life vests is mandatory in the closed cenotes
  • You do not need to be an expert swimmer but you should be comfortable in the water
  • During the excursion it is possible that there will be a photographer taking photos, if you would like you may purchase these photos. This is completely optional
  • The water is a little cold but after about 5 mins you will get used to the temperature


We are flexible on the issue of cancellations, we only ask that you let us know as soon as possible to make the necessary adjustments and try to sell those spaces to other clients

  • If there is very heavy rain, you have the option to cancel without any type of penalty
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