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Incredible Mayan site on the sea coast

Tulum Private Excursion

Important Information

A 20% advance deposit is required to make the reservation.

Description Tulum Private Excursion

Private Excursion to Tulum

What's a private excursion to Tulum

A private excursion to Tulum refers to an organized trip to the archaeological city of Tulum, located in the Riviera Maya, which offers an exclusive and personalized experience for a specific group of people or a family. Tulum is famous for its ancient Mayan ruins located on a cliff facing the Caribbean Sea and for its beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters.

On a private tour, a smaller group of people, guided by a local expert, tour the archaeological ruins of Tulum, learning about the history, culture, and importance of this site to the Mayan civilization. This type of tour typically allows for a more intimate and detailed experience, as the guide can focus on the group's specific interests, answer individual questions, and offer more detailed information about the area.

In addition to exploring the ruins, private Tulum tours can include additional time to enjoy the nearby beaches, swim in the turquoise waters, enjoy local food, and relax in a more exclusive and less crowded setting compared to more touristy tours

If you are a person who knows what you want, if you like to have the freedom to choose the length of stay in the places you visit. One who likes to put together your own itinerary planning the progress of the excursion and open to other opportunities that are put in front of the road including the time you want leave. The private Tulum tour is the best option for you and your family.

This option is ideal for families, or groups. If you are interested in visiting Tulum and your expectations are very high, this option is ideal for you. The larger the group the lower the price.

Check this comment

"The private tour to Tulum was simply magical! From the moment we stepped foot in those ancient Mayan ruins to diving into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, every moment was an unforgettable experience. Our expert guide took us through the history of Tulum, revealing secrets and fascinating details about this lost civilization.

Exploring the ruins with our small group allowed us to appreciate every detail without the crowds, while the sun filtered through the ancient structures. Afterwards, we headed to the beautiful nearby beaches, where the turquoise water invited us to relax and enjoy a quiet time.

The local food we tried was simply delicious, authentic Mexican flavors that delighted our palates. Without a doubt, a unique experience that allowed us to connect with the history, culture and natural beauty of Tulum in an intimate and exclusive way. Definitely an excursion we will remember forever!"

Why book the private tour to Tulum?

Time on vacation is one of the most valuable things that must be taken care of as much as possible to make the most of it. On our private excursion to Tulum, we will not waste time passing by more people in the different hotels of the destination, as After leaving, we'll immediately go to the places of your preference, saving from that moment approximately 1 hour of your valuable time.

Based on our recommendations, leaving early before the opening of the Tulum archaeological zone is the best option, since the range of options ahead of you is very wide, as it would give you time to visit other very interesting places in the nearby areas of Tulum, for example the cenotes, which in the Tulum area are spectacular, and if you add the archaeological zone of Coba, which is just 30 minutes from Tulum, you can add a regional buffet meal, in addition to a lagoon that has not yet been well known called Kaan Luum

Booking a private tour to Tulum offers a number of advantages and benefits that can make the experience more special and satisfying for those who prefer a more personalized and exclusive approach:

Customized Experience: When booking a private tour, the itinerary and experience can be tailored to the specific interests of the group. The guide can focus on the aspects that interest the participants most, providing more detailed information and answering individualized questions.

Intimacy and exclusivity: By having a smaller (private) group, you avoid crowds and enjoy a more intimate atmosphere at the ruins and beaches. This allows for a deeper connection with the environment, as well as a more relaxed and calm experience. Flexibility and freedom: Compared to group excursions, private excursions offer greater flexibility in terms of schedules, length of stay in each place and additional activities. You can enjoy more time in specific locations or adjust the itinerary according to the group's preferences. Personalized attention: Guides on private excursions provide more personalized and close attention, allowing for more direct interaction and the possibility of deepening knowledge about history, culture and local life. Additional comfort and amenities: In private excursions we can include additional amenities, such as exclusive transportation, preferential access or special services, which add value and comfort to the experience.

Tips for visiting Tulum privately

If you check advice that travelers give when visiting Tulum, you will realize that they all agree that arriving early is a very good idea for these reasons:

  • Tulum archaeological zone opens at 08:00 am and the vast majority of excursions arrive at approximately 10:00 am. If you manage to enter as soon as it opens, it is very likely that you'll have the archaeological zone with very few visitors and the photos They will turn out spectacular without so many people showing up and ruining the photo
  • The heat is not as intense as at 12:00 in the morning, the mornings are generally cool and allows the experience to be more pleasant

Tulum Private Tour: Tour Schedules and Availability

Our team has developed a revolutionary proposal: "Private Tulum Excursion". This initiative allows travelers to choose the start time that best suits them. Private groups can access the excursion at any time of the day, providing extraordinary flexibility to adapt to the individual rhythms of each client.

In addition, availability to book this excursion is always open. Travelers can contact us and coordinate private tour details based on their schedules and preferences, ensuring a tailored experience in the magical city of Tulum.

Private tour to Tulum: Duration

100% control of your visit to Tulum

Tulum Excursion Privada On private excursions you set the limit, you can stay as long as you consider necessary, there is no problem, for example 2,3 or maybe 4 hours, although the place can be visited very well in two hours, including photo time.

This option is not the most economical, but it is the one that gives you the most freedom of movement, since you don't have to follow an already established itinerary, you make the excursion adding or removing places based on your expectations, tastes and preferences, that is It is important to note that it would only be you in the transportation, so the guide will be focused only on giving you the information in which you are interested.

Our guides are very knowledgeable about the area and know of places that are not very visited or that are still in the development phase, which can be given as a recommendation and if you agree you can visit them without any problem, that is, You can enrich the excursion and always have the flexibility to add or remove activities, the only limit is the time of day. A very common example is stopping at the fruit or food stalls along the route, wait, you saw something that caught your attention, just tell the driver and we can stop you from exploring what you consider interesting.

Private tour to Tulum from Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum

In our private excursion to Tulum we have departures from all over the Mayan Riviera, we have departures from Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya or Tulum

In these private excursions we go to the comfort of your hotel or your Airbnb, wherever you are staying, you are also the one who sets the start time of the excursion

As you can see, the private excursion to Tulum is your best option to visit the archaeological zone of Tulum and its surroundings.

Private Tour to Tulum: Experience

Tulum Archaeological Zone

ATV Tour Tulum The archaeological zone of Tulum is wonderful, the energy you feel is pure and vital. You'll be fascinated by that day, and we are almost sure that you'll return.

On the private excursion to Tulum you will have a private guide who will explain in detail the uses and customs of that Mayan city, because its abandonment, which motivated these people to leave the city, I do not have to say that it will be a very history class. interesting, in addition, this archaeological zone, being on one side of the sea, has wonderful views that are well worth the visit. It can also be complemented with a visit to the beach of Tulum or the town to visit several very photogenic places for some photos. memorable for example the sculpture of mother nature etc.

Check out this comment from one of our clients

"I loved the tour and the best the beach; The route is long and under the sun, so don't forget to bring sunscreen, water to hydrate and a good mosquito repellent, so you can enjoy it and not suffer from it. Knowing the cultural and architectural part is the best if you are passionate about these topics; There are also beautiful settings for souvenir photos."

If you are passionate about history, if you like visiting archaeological sites, you cannot miss visiting Tulum. Did you know that it was a port for exchanging products? How did the Mayans market their goods? How far did they go? This and more questions will be answered by your private guide, which will fill you with satisfaction

When your curiosity has been satisfied, your need for souvenir photos is complete, and you decide to leave the archaeological zone it will be between 10:00 or 11:00 am, you will realize that at that time a very large number of excursions will be arriving coming from Cancun or Playa del Carmen, and in a few minutes the place will be full, but when that happens we will be on our way to a spectacular cenote


Grand Cenote Tulum Excursion Privada The cenotes in the Tulum area are some of the most beautiful in the world, cenotes of crystal clear water some are open others are closed.

We have agreements with different locations and in the quote, we price with the following cenotes in mind; the Grand Cenote or Cenote Car Wash, but this being a private excursion you can visit several cenotes such as

  • Grand Cenote
  • Cenote Calavera
  • Cenotes Casa Tortugas
Do you want to make an excursion of several cenotes? It can be done without any problem! Usually our quotes only include one, however, you can visit more, please note that the visit to the subsequent cenotes and the cost of access is paid by the client.

The cenotes are located approximately 1 hour from Playa del Carmen or 1 hour and a half from Cancun, they are visited every day by national and foreign tourists. These cenotes are incredible they will take your breath away, they will make you fall in love with the place The rocks, the formations, the quality of the water, you will not stop marveling at what the underworld really looks like. The staff here are great, they have a lot of patience, which will make you want to come back every day.

Important: The quote only adds one cenote that can be Grand Cenote or Cenote Car Wash, if you want to visit more cenotes, it can be done without any problem, but the price of access to those cenotes would be paid by the client.


Coba Excursion Privada The archaeological zone of Coba is approximately 30-40 minutes from Tulum, deep in the jungle, almost to the limits of Yucatan. The site where these Mayan ruins are located is huge, somewhere I read that only 6% of what was once Coba is known, because the jungle devoured many of the buildings after the abandonment of its inhabitants.

One of the things that make Coba more special is that it is one of the few archaeological sites where you can rent bicycles or tricycles, you can walk the sidewalks and discover various buildings along the way. The most relevant being the highest pyramid in the northern part of Quintana Roo, which is called NOHOCH MUL.

Unfortunately access to the NOHOCH MUL pyramid is currently closed, due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

Important: You can add the Coba option in the automatic quote that we have on the left side or if you are on a cell phone in the quote button is in the status bar of this website.

Buffet Food

Being a private excursion to Tulum, we can stop at a restaurant of your preference and according to your budget. It can be tacos, seafood, meat or maybe just snacks or fruits that are sold along the way.

It's important to emphasize that food is not included in the price if you don't visit the archaeological zone of Coba.

But if you visit Coba, we have an agreement with a very good restaurant near the archaeological zone where they sell a regional buffet meal, we are talking about cochinita, tamales, spaghetti, rice, beans, fruit etc.

We can include food, but drinks are not included in the price and must be paid in cash when you finish eating.

Other options

In addition to Coba or cenotes, we can visit Tulum Beach, it can be a public beach or a beach club, there is also the archaeological zone of Muyil, or the lagoon of Kaam Luum. Perhaps, the sculpture of Mother Nature, or the art gallery of Azulik.

As you can see the options are endless, send a message and we will gladly send you a no obligation quote.

Who's the private tour to Tulum best suited for?

A private tour to Tulum may be more suitable for travelers looking for a more intimate, personalized and flexible experience. This type of excursion can be ideal for:

  • Travelers who value exclusivity and privacy
  • People who prefer a more personalized approach
  • Groups with particular needs
  • Travelers looking for flexibility and freedom
  • People who want greater comfort and personalized attention

Who is NOT the private tour to Tulum best suited for?

The Tulum private tour may not be the most suitable option for all travelers, especially those who prefer or are better suited to other ways of exploring and experiencing a destination. Here are some situations where a private tour to Tulum might not be the best option:

Travelers who enjoy social interaction and group dynamics: Those who prefer the company of a larger group of people and enjoy social interaction with other travelers might find a private tour too personalized and prefer a more lively environment.

People looking for cheaper experiences: The Private tours are more expensive compared to group tours. For those on a tight budget looking for cheaper options, a private tour may not be the best choice.

Travelers who do not need exclusive attention: Those who do not require personalized attention or details during their excursion and are happy with a more generalized experience and less focused on their individual preferences.

Individuals who enjoy pre-established and structured schedules: For those who prefer to follow a fixed and established itinerary with specific times, a private excursion may be too flexible and may create some uncertainty about times and activities.

Why us?

We are your best option for private excursions to Tulum, for the flexibility we offer, so that you can put together the excursion that suits your expectations, it is a great balance of price and quality. We are the owners of the vans, and we have the best guides in the region, so I can guarantee that we have a price appropriate to your needs.

But the best thing about our company is our staff which we are proud of, all the guides are friendly, bilingual and have extensive knowledge of the Mayan civilization. Not only will they tell you about how life of the Mayans was, but also about their uses and customs. Private excursions have private guides, so all the knowledge of the guide will be at your disposal, and I assure you that they will answer each and every one of the questions that you may have.

Other Excursions

Not only do we have private excursions we also have shared excursions, we have the vast majority of combinations to visit Tulum for example

Wait, you are in Tulum and already visiting the archaeological zone, we only have a visit to Coba + Cenote

As you can see, we have everything under control, don't think about it anymore, send a WhatsApp message and we will gladly assist you.


Soon our blog will be online, in which we have a wide repertoire of reports about getting the best out of your visit to the archaeological zone of Tulum, we have tips and suggestions on how to save money on your visit to the Riviera Maya

We answer questions such as
  • Tulum private tour price
  • Tulum private tour itinerary
  • Tulum private tour cost
  • VIP Tulum private tour

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Renew or die is one of our slogans, and social networks are currently an excellent tool to connect customers with the suppliers of the excursions. I cordially invite you to visit our facebook page and since you are there, I strongly ask you to like it, for us each LIKE represents a big difference

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Private excursions to Tulum are an excellent option, especially if you are a large family, however, they are not the most economical options, but if the option with greater freedom of action, is important to emphasize that the van is only for you, and the guides are 100% private

The price is based on the number of people on the tour and the number of people is based on the number and type of vans that we will have at your disposal, all this to have the best quality that you and your family deserve

We have different types of trucks, for example, the Toyota HIACE that has a capacity of 12 people, but we also have larger options for example the Sprinter that has a capacity of 19 people, it is important to note that all have air conditioning and are recent models

Our company owns the vans, which allows us to give you the best price on the market for the specific type of customers looking for private excursions to Tulum.

Now if the vans do not meet your expectations, we also have Suburban or SUV that are more comfortable, although the price is different, send a message and we will gladly quote you without commitment.

Meeting Place

In the case of private excursions we go to the lobby of your hotel, condominium, Airbnb etc. Just say your address and the time you want us to pick you up and punctually we will be there.


Everything you need for a spectacular day is included in this tour, it is important to have cash because some places do not accept credit cards, but just as there are things included, it is also important to make it clear that there are things that are not included.

Remember that you assemble your itinerary according to your expectations and if you have any specific requirements, it is important that you let us know and we will gladly do our best to accommodate you.

  • Private transportation with air conditioning
  • Private certified guide throughout the tour
  • Professional private chauffeur
  • Entrance to Tulum
  • Free time in Tulum (photos)
  • Early departures to make the most of the day

Not Included

Throughout the excursion there are some things that are not included, this list is only illustrative and is not meant to be a complete guide of things that are not included Remember that being a private excursion we can add things to the excursion such as breakfast, life jackets etc.

We are flexible and almost everything can be included as long as we are notified in advance to make the necessary adjustments.

This list has the most common options that are not contemplated in the online quote, if you have any questions send a WhatsApp message, we are always happy to support you in whatever you need.

  • Drinks at the buffet meal
  • Breakfast
  • Umbrellas
  • Vests and lockers in the cenote
  • At the entrance of Tulum if you carry a very sophisticated camera, or tripod there is an extra cost
  • Memorabilia / Souvenirs
  • Photos
  • Tips
  • It is easy if it is not in the includes tab, it is not included

What to Bring

Attention to detail is one of our guiding principles, and is the basis for our success. However, this list is not meant to be a complete list and varies depending on each person and their personal needs. Here are the things that we consider to be the most common things you need to bring to have a magnificent day.

Some things are more necessary than others, bring what you have, we can look for a solution to what is needed

  • Cellular 100% charge
  • Camera
  • Cash
  • Towels to dry
  • Swimsuit and a change of dry clothes
  • Comfortable and fresh clothing, we do not recommend dark colors
  • Comfortable shoes (tennis, sandals)
  • Hats, caps, umbrellas (the bigger the better)
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Water
  • Food or snacks for the road
  • Blanket to cover it often gets cold in the truck
  • Sleeping collar
  • Book, notebook, or games to entertain yourself during transport
  • Small backpack
  • Patience and good attitude

Payment Methods

We accept the most common forms of payment on the market

Important: Being a private tour it may be necessary to pay a deposit, as it is necessary to prepare to make the private tour for you. Please contact our customer service department which will provide you with the help you need.

  • Cash
  • Bank deposit (At least 2 days in advance)
  • Electronic transfer (At least 2 days in advance)
  • Payment by credit card (there is an extra charge of 5% for this form of payment)
  • PayPal (At least 2 days in advance)

Frequently asked questions

About the tour

1.- Is this excursion to Tulum 100% private?

Yes. The tour is private in transportation, it's just you, your chauffeur and your private guide. It is important to note that in the archaeological zone of Tulum there will be more people

2.- What does the private excursion to Tulum that include?

  • Private round transportation
  • Entrance to Tulum
  • Guide in the archaeological zone of Tulum
  • Visit to beautiful cenote (Extra cost)
  • Visit to the archaeological site of Coba (Extra cost)

3.- On the private excursion to Tulum, can I make stops outside the itinerary?

Of course, it is one of the advantages of the private tour to Tulum

4.- Can I stay in the places as long as I want?

Yes, you are the ones who decides how long you want to be in each place based on your expectations and tastes.

5.- How long does the excursion last?

It depends a lot on you and the options you want to add but being an excursion, we make it work with your times, we only ask you to share your idea of the places you would like to visit is.

It is up to you, it can be done as fast as you want or as long as you want.

6.- Broadly speaking, what does the excursion to Tulum Privado include?

  • Round trip transportation from your hotel or designated location
  • Entrance to Tulum archaeological zone
  • Guide in Tulum
  • Visit to beautiful cenote (Extra cost)
  • Visit to Coba archaeological site (Extra cost)
  • Buffet food (drinks not included) only if you add Coba

7.- You have a very competitive price; how do you achieve it?

We have everything you need to do the tour, vans, guides, special prices with almost all cenotes etc.

8.- If you add the visit to Coba you can add a buffet meal, what kind of food is it?

It is a regional buffet type meal (not gourmet) you can eat as many times as you want and the portions you want, however, drinks are not included and have to be paid in cash when you finish eating

9.- The private excursion to Tulum, does it include drinks?

You can add water in a fridge that is in the van, however, the van can stop at a store where you can buy the drinks you like, soft drinks, beers, etc.

10.- Is there a place where we can swim?

You can visit the beach of Tulum, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico or you can add the visit to a cenote, which in the Tulum area are one of the most beautiful in the world

11.- On the private excursion to Tulum, can I take my children?

Sure, it's a private tour, take whomever you want, kids in your arms, seniors, disabled etc.

12.- What can I bring in the archaeological zone of Tulum?

Basically, only water and small cameras such as cell phones, it is not allowed to bring food because it would generate a lot of garbage

13.- How long can I be in each place on the private tour to Tulum?

On the private tour to Tulum, you can be in the places as long as you wish

Reservations, Changes, Customer Service and Cancellations

1.- How can I make the reservation for the private excursion to Tulum?

The fastest is a Message on WhatsApp, although an email if it is in advance is fine

2.- I have already made the reservation through the website, what steps do you follow to make the reservation?

If you send an email, you will be answered in a maximum of 12 hours, but if you want an immediate response send a message on WhatsApp or call to confirm your reservation

3.- Can you send me more detailed information because I am not sure about booking yet?

We can send a more detailed description, although the ideal way is to establish contact by WhatsApp, it is the fastest way, there they will answer all your questions quickly.

4.- Unfortunately I do not have a credit card, what can I do?

You can make deposits, transfers or cash payment, it should be noted that if it is a private tour you have to give a 50% deposit to guarantee your reservation

5.- I have been left before, are you sure they will pick us up?

Of course, if we accept the reservation we have the commitment to you, send a message on WhatsApp to be in constant communication

6.- What office hours do you have?

  • Monday to Friday from 07:00 am – 10:00 pm local time
  • Saturday and Sunday from 07:00 am – 08:00 pm local time

7.- Can someone other than me make the reservation?

Yes, we only need where and at what time we need to pick you up. Make sure that you give this person all the detailed information to avoid misunderstandings

8.- I am not from Mexico, how can I call?

Our customer service phones are (+52) 987 112 9491 or our USA phone +1 305 600 5776

9.- What are your cancellation policies?

  • 100% refund if 24 hours in advance
  • 50% refund if 12 hours in advance
  • No refund if it's no show

10.- Can I pay with someone else's credit card?

It is difficult, it is necessary for the person holding the credit card holder to pay

11.- I didn't bring my receipt of confirmation of services, what do I do?

Everything is now designed to be digital, you can show it on your cell phone or just with your name

12.- There was a last minute change and I need to change the date, how do I do it?

We only ask that you let us know as soon as possible to adjust and try to accommodate the van with some other interested customers.

13.- How can I call / contact you?

The easiest way is by WhatsApp, by online chat, email, Facebook, Instagram we have all the ways available

14.- I have some doubts, can you talk to me on the phone?

Yes, we only need the complete number with everything and long distance keys

15.- What are your cancellation or refund policies

If it is a private tour reservation, the following conditions apply:

  • 100% refund if 24 hours in advance
  • 50% refund if 12 hours in advance
  • No refund if it's no show

Cost, Promotions and Payment Methods

1.- How much does the private excursion to Tulum cost?

The price depends on the number of people, the places to visit, but it is very easy, there is a quote that gives you the price automatically

2.- When are children, adults, etc., considered?


  • 0-3 is considered infant and does not pay
  • 3-10 years is considered a child
  • 10 onwards is considered an adult

3.- We are a large family, can you give us a better price?

Each case is analyzed separately depends on the time of year, number of people, place of departure etc., send an email and we can gladly look for something which fits your budget.

4.- What promotions are in force?

Send an email we have promotions valid all year round

5.- I am a foreigner, do I apply the same price?

Yes, the price is the one shown online, sends a message each case is analyzed separately

6.- What is the payment process?

The ideal is to make a deposit of 50% before the departure of the excursion to guarantee the reservation and in cash on the day of the departure of the excursion, however, we are open to negotiation send a message and we gladly help you

7.- We are foreigners, can I pay you in another currency other than mxn pesos?

You can pay in dollars or euros, if it is some other type of currency send an email to check if we accept it or not

8.- Can I pay with my credit card?

Yes, but we only accept Visa and MasterCard

9.- I have my receipt on my cell phone, is there a problem if I show it there?

No problem, in fact, it is better, so no paper is wasted


1.- Do they pick us up wherever we are?

We pick you up wherever you are if it's on the corridor from Cancun to Tulum

2.- What is the meeting place for the private excursion to Tulum?

When it's a private tour in your hotel lobby or outside your condo or wherever you want

3.- I am very worried, will they pick us up?

It is guaranteed if we accept the reservation, send a message on WhatsApp to be with constant communication

4.- I was late, can you wait a few more minutes?

No problem, we can wait as long as you need, it is one of the advantages of the private tour


The present itinerary that we put at your disposal is based on years of experience that we have taking private excursions to the archaeological zone of Tulum. It is the best way to get more out of the main places of interest.

However, you are the boss, this is a private excursion to Tulum, and we will always do what the client wants. We can advise you based on our experience, but you have the last word for the places to visit, as well as the order and timeframe.

It should be noted that this is a private excursion to Tulum, so during the entire tour you will have a driver, and an expert guide in the Mayan civilization who will be with you from the beginning of the tour, answering all your questions you may have about the Mayan civilization and the daily life of this area.

We have options for all budgets, it is important to note that the private tour to Tulum is an excellent excursion for large groups or for people who want to do very specific things when visiting Tulum. We also have shared excursions to Tulum at a very attractive price, for example.

  • Tulum + Cenote
  • Excursions to the cenotes in Tulum
  • Tulum + Coba + Playa
  • Tulum + Coba + Cenote

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our customer service agents who are at your service for any questions you may have.

  • Transfer service from the comfort of your hotel

    In this excursion it does not matter where you are staying, as long as they let us pass, we can get to any hotel that is in the area of Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum or Riviera Maya, you can also start at the time you want, taking into account that Tulum opens it at 08:00 am

  • Visit to Tulum / It is a must if you are in the Riviera Maya

    It is ideal to get to Tulum as soon as they open the archaeological zone which is at 08:00 am, for 2 very important reasons

    • There are not many people and the photos come out much better
    • The sun is not so strong and you can enjoy the walk much better

    It is important to emphasize that in the private excursion to Tulum you can stay as long as you'd like to meet your expectations of this beautiful place

  • Archaeological Zone of Coba Coba archaeological area not so crowded

    Coba is an impressive archaeological zone, it is deep in the jungle of Quintana Roo, which adds a touch of adventure to the visit.

    Coba is barely rebuilt, and allows you to see how the jungle exerts an impressive force on the constructions, only a small part is excavated and even, so it is an unmissable visit, walking from ruin to ruin is like traveling in time

    Coba can be toured by bicycle or on tricycles that local people take you on, IT'S WORTH IT!

  • Delicious Regional Food Ideal place to have lunch in the middle of the excursion to Tulum/ Coba

    Yucatecan food is a delight to the palate, there are many exquisite dishes that you can try made by the hands of Mayan descendants, with one of the best seasonings in the region. It is important to note that it is a buffet meal, you can serve the portions you want, as many times as you want.

    However, drinks are not included in the price if they must be paid in cash at the end of the meal.

  • Refreshing and wonderful Magical and mystical Cenote

    The cenotes in the vicinity of Tulum are world class, they are a source of life, their crystal-clear waters are a delight for the midday sun, and we have special prices as we are wholesalers in the vast majority of the best cenotes in the area, I highly recommend Grand Cenote.

  • Visit Playa Paraíso Beautiful spacious beach

    This excursion being private you can visit the famous beaches of Tulum, the best are Playa Santa Fe, Pescadores, and Paraíso, all are close together.

    It is a real pleasure to walk along this beach, its fine white sand, the turquoise water has a beautiful and super quiet view.

    On the beach you can go swimming with rays or turtles with the guys who are there at super cheap prices

  • Return to your hotel

    On the way back you will be able to rest and remember with emotion those spectacular places you visited on this incredible day of your vacation

    We will leave you in exactly the same place where it all started, in the lobby of your hotel


Unfortunately certain physical requirements are necessary that if you are a person in good physical condition you should not have any problems.

More than restrictions, they could be things to consider

  • A 20% advance deposit is required to make the reservation.
  • No circulatory problems since from Riviera Maya to Tulum it is 1-2 hours in transportation
  • In Tulum there are slopes, roots, gravel, so it is not recommended for wheelchairs
  • You have to know how to swim to enter the cenote (it is recommended to wear a life jacket otherwise)
  • Be well physically and emotionally
  • Children under the age of 18 must go with an adult or guardian
  • Have the ability to walk, even if it is short stretches
  • It is strictly forbidden to climb the ruins in Tulum (conservation)
  • The use of drones or tripies in the archaeological zone are not allowed, send email for more information


We understand the fact that sometimes things don't go as planned, we understand it and we are sensitive to it, so we ask you to let us know as soon as possible if something got out of control to make the necessary arrangements.

Being a private tour the cancellation policy is governed by the following conditions

  • No penalty up to 24 hours before
  • 50% surcharge if cancelled 12 hours in advance
  • 100% surcharge if it is no show
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