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Tulum Xelha Ruinas

Ruins at the seaside, Prime location

All you want to eat and drink

For only $125 USD

Tulum Xelha Llantas

Paradise of the Riviera Maya

Guaranteed fun

Tulum Xelha Vista Aerea

Super fun and beautiful place

You and your family will remember forever


Tulum Xelha Snorkeling

Everything you want to snorkel

Hundreds of multicolored fish

Very good price

Tulum Xelha Trepachanga

Fun for all the family

It will exceed your expectations

Tulum + Xel-Ha Tour $125 USD Dollars per person

Important information

To guarantee this is no scam: Don't pay anything in advance, you can pay the day of the excursion

Description Tulum Xel-Ha Tour

Tulum ciudad mayaOur Tulum Xel-Ha Tour is the perfect combination for families of all ages. Tulum is more focused on people with the soul of an archaeologist and want to make the most of their vacations in the Mexican Caribbean. Xel-Ha is the perfect place for the little ones in the family or those who like to be in constant motion. This way everyone wins and everyone can do activities to their liking all in this super package called Tulum Xel-Ha Tour.

Everything is perfectly planned for you to spend a day of absolute fun. We have options from Cancun with an option to tour Tulum from Cancun. We also have a tour of Tulum from Playa del Carmen where apart from touring Tulum, we also visit a magical place called Xel-Ha, which is wonderful. As you can see, our excursions to Tulum with the all-inclusive tour are a package designed for all ages.


Tulum lugar magicoAlthough the Mayan ruins of Tulum are not as large as those of Chichen Itzá, Tulum is impressive in its own right. Located on a cliff approximately 7 meters high above the Caribbean Sea. Facing the rising sun. Tulum is the largest Mayan city built in front of the sea, it was the first line of defense of the city of Coba located in the jungle. Tulum was also a great port of exchange for goods from all of the regions of the Mayan civilization. It was also the gateway to the great cities located further inside the jungle and during this Tulum Xel-Ha Tour we will discover all of these places in depth

Tulum ciudad maya Tulum was one of the last cities inhabited by the Mayans and it is believed that it had a fairly large population during the 13th and 14th centuries. All of this information and more will be told by our certified guides, and of course the theories of what happened to the Mayans. They will take you through the facts, myths, and legends about the rich Mayan culture and in addition to its great discoveries only at Tulum Xel-Ha Tour.

We will visit the most important buildings such as the castle, the temple of the descending god, and the house of columns. You will have the opportunity to admire the paintings and frescoes on the walls in detail. The lights and the angles of the buildings will give you the opportunity to take some truly spectacular photos combined with the hues of the fabulous Caribbean Sea right in front of you.

Of course you will have free time to enjoy and explore the archaeological zone at your own pace and then go to an incredible natural beauty. In a perfect combination of culture and fun, it is only Tulum Xel-Ha Tour


Tulum ciudad maya One of the 13 natural wonders of Mexico

Xel-Ha is located in the heart of the Riviera Maya about 122km from Cancun and 13 km from Tulum

Xel-Ha is the union of two Mayan words that means "entrance of water" or "place where the waters are born". Legend has it that the gods were seeking to create a place with the best of each of them, and created Xel-Ha. It was guarded by 3 guardians, HUH the guardian iguana of the earth, MO the guardian of the heavens macaw, KAY-OP the parrot fish, guardian of the waters, and legend has it that the gods gave this paradise to humanity.

Andar con bicicletas por Coba It is characterized by a large cove in which the water of a river joins the Caribbean Sea, forming an ideal space for the coexistence of 70 marine and freshwater species. It is for this reason that Xel-Ha is known as the largest natural aquarium in the world. Also, because it is the space for numerous specimens of flora and fauna of the region

Currently Xel-Ha is one of the most popular tourist parks in the Riviera Maya and one of the most recognized attractions of Mexico in the world. Due to its crystalline waters and the natural exuberance that surrounds it, this space has been worthy of numerous titles.

Tulum ciudad maya The park has all the services for visitors, such as world-class restaurants, showers, lockers, restrooms, shops, parking.

The main activity is snorkeling, which is great, you can pick up equipment at one point and go as far as you'd like. When you finish using the equipment you can deliver it to any drop off point, and when you are ready you can get another set of equipment, including the life jacket. If you are snorkeling for the first time in your life it is an incredible experience. The lagoon is impressive, it's huge! The amount of fish that you can see, blondes, parrotfish, surgeons, horse mackerel, sergeant major, chacchi, snapper, macabi, rays, chopa and the occasional barracuda. You can go snorkeling as many times as you want.

The all-inclusive restaurants are the following, you can eat and drink whatever you want

Andar con bicicletas por Coba
  • Restaurant Chulavista (International cuisine)
  • Restaurant La Cocina del Pueblo (Mexican and regional food)
  • Restaurant La Terraza (snacks)
  • Restaurant Jardín Corona (Grilled meats)
  • Bar del Puente (Tropical cocktails)
  • Bar Chulavista
  • Bar Jardín corona
  • Bar del Pueblo
Playa paraiso There are lockers at no cost to store your things and there is an all-inclusive service for drinks and meals.

In Xel-Ha you will find the balance of fun for everyone, whether you come as a family, as a couple or with small children. They have an area for children, called "Children's World" where they have a wading pool, a play area with slides, toboggan, ropes to climb, seesaw, crocodile tunnel, water lilies, turtles for photos, and hanging games. A few steps from this place is a relaxing hammock area where children can rest.

Playa paraiso There is a lazy river located here, floating along with a gentle current that allows you to travel on inflatable tubes, it is very fun. Along the route there are numerous platforms to rest and enjoy the landscape. The route holds many surprises such as the stone of courage, the monkey jump, the trepachanga and the salpichanga (water zip line), which add a fun effect. At the end of the river you can explore the trails surrounded by jungles, rocks, caves and cenotes.

It will be your favorite place on your vacation, open-air cenote, snorkeling, sun, good food, fun, walks among mangroves, zip lines, the best place in Riviera Maya to enjoy nature

If you want to have a fun day, Xel-Ha Park is the place.


All our excursions have luxury transportation and air conditioning. We will pick you up directly at the door of your hotel, and drop you back off there, so that everything is as fast and comfortable for our dear visitors.

Whether you are staying in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum, we pass by you to the door of your hotel, comfort is synonymous of our services, we have covered the entire area from Cancun to Tulum, covering the Riviera Maya in the same way

Do not think twice Tulum Xel-Ha Tour is your best option without a doubt

Other Options

If you want to visit only the Xel-Ha park, and you want to do it on a budget without commitment, we have all those options available in our activity menu. We also have many other combinations you might have in mind. I will tell you just a few that are already on the market

Direct operators

What can I say, we are your best option, by booking with us you are removing all the middlemen who want a commission from the sales. We are the direct operators of the excursion, which allows us to give you the best price on the market. Don't think about it anymore


If you are doing research on places to visit, as well as tips on how to save money on your visit to this magical place, we have a blog with many tips and advice to stretch your money to the maximum and make the most of your activities in Tulum.

We answer questions such as
  • Xcaret
  • Xel-Ha prices
  • Xel-Ha tickets
  • Xel-Ha tour Cancun Mexico

Due to COVID-19, this tour is available from Cancun only on certain days of the week, please send us a message for more information

COVID-19 prevention measures

  • Use of facemasks are mandatory in public areas
  • Antibacterial Gel
  • Sanitized equipment before each excursion
  • Guide are required to use face masks during the excursion
  • Temperatures will be taken before entering Tulum
  • Temperatures will be taken of all personnel before they begin working


One way to know if we are doing a good job and to help encourage us to continue, is by sharing this information on your preferred social network, like us on Facebook here


The best prices with the best quality only here at www.tulum-tours.com and Tulum Xel-Ha Tour. The reason for our success, is that we do not have middlemen, our prices are very competitive for the simple reason that you are dealing directly with the company in charge of managing the excursion, without third parties, only the client and the operator

  • Above the age of 9 will pay full price of $125 USD per person
  • Ages 3-9 years old will pay child prices of $62 USD per person
  • Under the age of 3 is considered and infant and is totally free (please be aware they will not be assigned a seat on the transport and must travel on your lap)

Important information

Children who are taller than 5ft 4 inches, but under 9 years old, need an ID that proves their age in order to apply the child price

Meeting place

Since www.tulum-tours.com was created, it has been thought of as an option for anyone looking for quality tours at great prices. We try to achieve 2 objectives

  1. Provide a quality tour with the best prices
  2. Try to help our customers get the most out of their money

Our meeting places in most cases will be in the comfort of your hotel lobby, only in a very few cases will we meet you outside your hotel. This way you will not have to spend money to travel to the meeting place

  • The meeting place is in the lobby of your hotel (hotels located in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, or Riviera Maya)
  • The time of pickup depends on the location of your hotel
  • If we know the address of your hotel and are allowed to pass, we will pick you up or designate a nearby location
  • If you have questions about where your hotel is located send us an email


The Tulum Xel-Ha Tour is one of the most complete excursions in the Riviera Maya. However, there are extra activities in the park that are described below. All drinks and food are included in the price of the excursion so that you can have a great day

  • Round-trip transportation for hotels located in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Riviera Maya
  • Comfortable vehicles with air conditioning
  • Profesional driver
  • Small groups
  • Early departures to take advantage of the entire day
  • Access into the archeological zone of Tulum
  • Guided visit to the archeological area with a guide certified by the archeological zone of Tulum
  • Free time in Tulum (you can swim at the beach)


  • Towel
  • Lockers
  • Unlimited drinks (with and without alcohol)
  • Plant nursery
  • Buffet lunch from 11:30 am- 5:30 pm
  • Children's World
  • Adventure World (water ziplines, diving piers up to 5 meters high, games)
  • Bathrooms and showers
  • Walking paths through the forest
  • Unlimited snorkeling
  • Rest area with hammocks and lounge chairs
  • WIFI, ATMs
  • Changing room and one towel
  • Snorkeling equipment which includes your own tube
  • Life vest
  • Floating tubes
  • Bikes

Not included

At Tulum Xel-Ha Tour we like to be up front and very detailed in our descriptions, it is a common practice in our company. We do not want you to have unpleasant surprises or bad times because we did not explain our excursion well. We have put at your disposal this information about what is not included in our tour. It never hurts to put all the cards on the table

  • Train from the parking lot to the entrance of Tulum
  • Tips
  • Photos
  • Souvenirs
  • In the ruins if you bring a video camera there is an extra charge
  • Activities extra in Xel-Ha such as; swimming with the dolphins, sea trek and snuba
  • If it is not on the included list it is not included


There is no other company that offers this type of promotion, we are always trying to innovate and showcase our attractive packages or excursions to our guests

This is possible thanks to the fact that we have no middlemen, when you book with us you are booking with the direct operators of the excursion. This allows us to give you the best price on the market without affecting the quality of the tour. Check out our Tulum Xel-Ha tour

  • Groups larger than 10 people send us an email for special group prices

These promotions are valid until March 30, 2021.

*Terms and Conditions

  • Reservations with promotions require 7 days advance notice
  • Promotion valid until March 30, 2021
  • This promotion does not apply nor combined with any other promotion or package

If you want to apply for this promotion please send an email or call and let our customer service department know so that the desired discount can be applied

What are you waiting for, book now and take advantage of these promotions and discounts! www.tulum-tours we are your best option

What to Bring

In the archaeological zone of Tulum there are times especially in the summer months when the heat is intense, it is best to be prepared. Xel-Ha is a water park, you should be prepared to enter the water

  • Caps or sunhat
  • Comfortable light clothing you will be walking with temperatures that can reach the high 80s
  • Comfortable shoes (tennis shoes, sandals)
  • A backpack or bag to bring water into the archeological zone (inside there is not much available or it is quite expensive)
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Towels
  • Snacks
  • Camera
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Swimming suit (you can swim at the beach in Tulum and Xel-Ha) you can wear underneath your clothing if you are more comfortable
  • Biodegradable sunscreen, if it has certain chemicals, they provide you with a chemical-free sample in exchange for your sunscreen. Your sunscreen will be returned to you when you leave the park
  • Change of clothing
  • Bring cash or credit card for any purchases such as souvenirs, additional activities, or photos
  • Good attitude :-)

Forms of payment

All forms of payment are available, in fact we have something that no one else has. You can pay for everything at the time of the tour, of course restrictions apply (you need to ensure our operators that you are going to take our excursion) Either way debit cards, credit cards, online banking etc. is accepted with us

  • Bank deposits
  • PayPal
  • If you are very apprehensive, we have the option to pay the day of the tour Restrictions apply

Once the deposit has been made, you will be sent all the necessary information about the pickup place, telephone numbers, photo of the guides and everything you need in order to assist you

Frequently asked questions

Regarding the excursion

1.- How long is the Tulum Xel-Ha Tour?

Depending on where your hotel is located, if it is Cancun or Playa del Carmen, but it lasts approximately 10-11 hours for the visit to Tulum and later Xel-Ha

2.- How much time do we spend in Xel-Ha as part of the Tulum Xel-Ha Tour?

Approximately 5-6 hours in order to really enjoy the park

3.- I only want to visit the Xel-Ha park, do you have this option?

That's right, if you only want to visit the Xel-Ha park we have the package to suit you, send an email requesting a free no obligation quote. We remind you that we are the direct providers of the excursion, therefore we have the best prices on the market

4.- Do you need to know how to swim in order to snorkel?

A little bit, you don't have to be an expert swimmer as long as you know how to float and are calm in the water is more than enough. There are life jackets and lifeguards that will be aware of you and your family

5.- What is there to do in Xel-Ha?

Good question, you can do many activities, first you have everything you want to eat and drink included in all restaurants, all the snorkeling equipment, intertubes, towels, lockers, Children's World, cenotes, Trepachanga, Rock of Courage, and so much more. There are fun activities that the whole family can enjoy, if you want more info check this link

6.- What is and what is not included in the Tulum Xel-Ha Tour?

Broadly speaking, it includes food, beverages, snorkeling equipment, facilities, bathrooms, lockers, towels. Does not include Extra activities such as Swim with dolphins, temazcal, massages, speedboat rides. For more detailed information check what's included and what's not included

7.- How does snorkeling in Xel-Ha work?

There are different points where you can pick up your snorkeling equipment, a great thing is that they give you a totally new snorkel tube for each of your family members. When you finish using the equipment you can return it at any of the aforementioned points. You can back for equipment as many times as you'd like. Xel-Ha is a very large cove and we guarantee that you will see a very large number of fish of all sizes and colors, simply incredible

8.- The price seems very low. Is there some kind of trick?

It is true, and you know why the price is like this, because we are the direct providers of the excursion which allows us to offer the lowest prices on the market However, to avoid misunderstandings, we try to be as upfront as possible about what's included and what's NOT included in the excursion. The simple answer is NO, THERE IS NO TRICK, if you have any questions please contact us

9.- Is food included in the Tulum Xel-Ha Tour?

Yes, there are many restaurants you can eat as much as you'd like, as many times as you'd like

10.- Are drinks included?

Yes, we include water, sodas, beers, etc.

11.- Can we swim at the beach?

Yes, in Tulum and Xel-Ha you will have free time in order to swim at the beach. At Xel-Ha you can snorkeling with the many varieties of fish

12.- Can I bring food for my baby?

Yes, we are aware that babies eat on a different schedule and you are able to bring food into any of the restaurants. However, in the archeological zone it is up to the custodians whether or not it is allowed in.

13.- Can I bring food into the archeological zone?

Unfortunately, NO, there are almost no garbage cans and a lot of garbage would be generated within the archaeological zone, food is not allowed in either Tulum or Coba

14.- How much time will we spend in each area?

The times are approximate and depend on many factors, but we can provide you with a basic itinerary based on our previous experience

  • Tulum: 2 hours
  • Xel-Ha: 6 hours

15.- Do I have to leave a deposit for use of the snorkeling equipment, lockers or towels?

Yes, you need to leave a cash deposit, that will be returned to you once you return the equipment and towels

16.- Are lockers and towels included?

Yes, lockers and towels are included you just need to leave a small cash deposit which will be returned to you once you return the equipment and towels

Reservations, Changes, Customer service and Cancellations

1.- How can I reserve?

Send an email, call or WhatsApp to the numbers that are on the screen indicating the day and the number of adults and children, we will check if there is availability. You only have to pay a deposit to guarantee your reservation, the rest of the money in cash at the time of pickup, or you can pay the full amount before the excursion

2.- If I buy online how do I get my tickets?

As soon as we confirm your deposit, an email will be sent to you with all the information about the meeting place, schedules, photos of the guide, etc. That email is your ticket, it includes your reservation number and everything you need to identify yourself to the guides

3.- Do I need to reserve for a specific date?

Yes, especially during the holidays we tend to be full on all our tours. It is advisable to reserve for a specific day to guarantee your spaces in the transportation

4.- I don't have a credit card, how do I reserve it

You can make a bank deposit, pay with debit card, or pay in cash at the time of pickup (Restrictions apply)

5.- I don't have a lot of confidence, I have had bad experiences in the past, can I pay everything at the time of the tour?

Yes, we are flexible in the payment methods, however, all we ask is that you show our online advisors that you are really going to show up at the time of the excursion, so restrictions apply but if we have this option, send an email for more information

6.- What hours are customer service operators available?

We work all day long, but there is someone in the office during the hours of 7:00am-10:00pm, Monday - Friday. Saturday - Sunday, 7:00am-9:00 pm.

7.- Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

Yes, as long as both parties are aware and you inform us

8.- How can I call from outside of Mexico?

If you are calling from the USA, we have local numbers that you can call. If you would like to call directly to our offices in Playa del Carmen you can call (+52-1)987-112-9491

9.- If I reserve for a date, but last minute I want to change the day, is it possible to do so?

Without any problem, the only thing we ask is 12 hours in advance notice so that those spaces can be given to someone else

10.- Can I pay using someone else's credit card?

Yes, as long as the owner of the card is aware of the transaction

11.- I can't print my coupon, what can I do?

Call us to send you a new one in case of loss. Although, just your name or your confirmation number is more than enough. Our operators have a list of all the people they have to pick up

12.- When can I cancel?

At any time as long as it is a minimum of 12 hours in advance, of the day of the excursion. No show charges will be put into effect for no shows. Each case is analyzed separately for possible exceptions

13.- How can I contact you?

We have all the means available, you can call us, send a text message, by WhatsApp, Email (which is the most recommended), or you can come in person to our offices located in Playa del Carmen

14.- I am interested can you call me?

Yes, just send us your number and what time we should call and one of our operators will gladly contact you

15.- What are your refund and cancellation policies?

As long as you notify us that there will be a change or cancellation 12 hours in advance, no charges apply. We also have a bad weather policy, so if it is raining very hard and you consider that it will be like this all day, you can cancel with a 100% refund. There is no other company that offers you all these flexible options

Cost, promotions and payment forms

1.- What is the price for the Tulum and Xel-Ha tour?

The price per person over 9 years is $125 US Dollars between 3 and 9 years is considered a child and the price is $62 US Dollars per person, under 3 years is considered an infant and they do not pay, however, they will not have a seat on the bus. Important: Children over 5ft 4 inches and under 9 years old will need identification to prove their age. For more info check out this link

2.- What is considered an adult vs child for pricing?

Over 9 years is considered an adult and they pay $125 USD per person, between 3 and 9 is considered minor and they pay $62 USD per person. If the child is under 9 years old, but measures more than 5ft 4 inches, identification will be required to prove their age, children under 3 years are considered infants and are free

3.- We are a big family, do you have group prices?

Yes, contact us to find a package tailored for you, and see what promotions are available. We have a current promotion for this year, if there are 6 adults pay 5 and you can pay the 6th at the price of a child

4.- I am not local, do the same prices apply?

Yes, the prices are the same for everyone you can pay with pesos, dollars, or euros (the exchange rate for the day will apply)

5.- How can I pay?

We have all forms of payment possible, bank deposits, cash (dollars or euros) pay online, PayPal, contact us for more information

6.- Can I pay with dollars or euros?

Yes, we will apply the exchange rate for the day. If need to pay with another type of currency please send us a message to verify, we accept that currency

7.- Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, without problem, this is the most common form of payment

8.- Can I show my confirmation number using my cell phone or tablet?

Yes, we have a list of everyone that will be taking the excursion


1.- Is transportation included?

Yes, luxury transportation, depending on the number of people reserved for the day it could be a bus or a van, all have air conditioning and highly trained drivers

2.- Where will you pick me up?

In the comfort of your lodging center, as long as we know the address and the transport can enter. There is no pickup in popular areas, only in hotels or hostels. If you want more information check this link

3.- How can you guarantee me that you will pick me up?

We have a reputation to uphold and nowadays with social media it is very easy to get a bad reputation. We take great care of our image and we will never sell you something that we are not sure we can fulfill, in addition to this we offer you the following, pay everything at the moment that we pick you up. We have no problem in this regard (certain restrictions apply). If you have questions send us an email we are here to serve you

4.- How long will you wait for me when picking me up?

5 minutes, remember this is a shared tour and others are waiting to be picked up. The time we can wait is very little.


Sometimes there are things that are out of our control that can affect our time such as demonstrations or accidents on the road. This can force us to change the timing of our excursions, so we reserve the right to change this itinerary with the hope of fulfilling each and every one of our visits

  • Archeological zone of Tulum, guided visit, free time in Tulum
  • Visit to Xel-Ha park, all inclusive and snorkeling
  • Return transportation to your hotel


We are a very professional company and we try to make this piece of our country known to our dear visitors, however there are certain aspects that you have to take into account before booking. If there is any way in which we can help just ask, we will look for ways to try to help you however we can, we are here to serve you.

  • For the complicated terrain in the ruins, it is not recommended for people in wheelchairs
  • Need to have the ability to walk through different terrains including small hills, and gravel walkways
  • There is a 10 minute walk from the parking lot to the entrance of Tulum
  • Under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Tripods and special video equipment are prohibited in the ruins
  • It is strictly prohibited to climb the ruins
  • In Xel-Ha the extra activities such as swimming with the dolphins, sea trek, snuba, rayas, spa(massages), temazcal, speed boats, etc. Are not included in the price of this package
  • You cannot bring food or drinks into Xel-Ha or Tulum
  • The use of life vests is mandatory in Xel-Ha park
  • If you are going to swim in the deeper part of the ocean you should know how to swim, if not please stay where your feet can touch the ground


Our cancellation and refund policy are the most flexible of all and we always put ourselves in the place of our clients. We try to have ethical and professional customer service. Check this information and you will see what we are talking about

  • There are no charges for cancellations with a minimum of 12 hours in advance
  • If there is bad weather you have the option to cancel without any type of penalty
  • Health problems, apply to a single individual, but not to the rest of the participants
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