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Tulum Cenotes

Swim in a cenote of crystal clear water
Without intermediaries, direct operators: $45 USD Per person

Precio Tulum cenotes

Tulum & Cenote tour from $45 USD per person

Important information


Tulum lugar magico The price includes
  • Round trip transportation
  • Entrance to Tulum
  • Certified Guide in Tulum
  • Free Time in Tulum
  • Time to visit the beach
  • Visit to nice cenote

Tulum It is impressive, its architecture impresses upon arrival, seeing those structures standing with those years and where they are located is priceless, only here in Tulum & Cenote tour

The best and most impressive cenotes of the Mayan Riviera, cenotes in playa del carmen, gran cenote tulum, cenote escondido etc. Our combinations of tour tulum + Swimming in cenotes is an excellent option.


It's history and landscape and when the ruins come together with the view of the sea, it really is to stay with your mouth open, Tulum It is very well preserved, very organized and guarded, it is beautiful to walk through the ruins to know the history and explanation of the guides

You can not miss the opportunity to know the ruins, our guides have an excellent attitude and disposition, they will tell you stories, legends, traditions of this part of Mexico and the Mayan civilization in general. It is an excellent package full of fun that only Tulum & Cenote tour can offer you

Tulum lugar magico Tulum was an important point of exchange of products, at the arrival of the Spaniards it was one of the most inhabited cities of the Postclassic, however, after it was uninhabited, it was originally called Zama which means dawn, and then being abandoned by its inhabitants they named it Tulum it means wall.

Tulum lugar magico From the moment you enter the place, the blue of the sky is magical, it is unique to see the buildings and visit them. We will also visit the temple of the frescoes, the house of the columns, the temple of the descending god, the temple of the wind and to finish the Castle, we will go Preparing when you reach the top you will find the immensity of the sea as a gift for all our visitors, the turquoise sea in the background with its different shades of blue from the sky blue to the dark blue, you do not believe it is beautiful and when you go down to the beach and you merge with that blue is a sensation that cannot be described.

The view is incredible and after visiting the archeological zone it is fabulous to play a little on the beach, it is amazing to visit this place

What do you expect, think no more, I assure you that you will not regret your best option Tulum & Cenote tour

CENOTE (Sink Hole)

Akumal nadando con tortugas The ancient Maya believed that cenotes they were places full of mysticism, they believed in many gods, and there were good gods and bad gods, the bad gods according to their beliefs lived in the underground of the earth in a place they called XIBALBA.

They thought that the best way to keep those gods inside the Xibalba was to keep them satisfied for that, the first divers - archaeologists who went deep into these cenotes They found countless jade beads, pottery, etc. This and more stories will tell you the guides about these places full of magic and mystery.

The cenote we will visit is one of the most spectacular in the region We can explore the depths of the earth, swimming in crystal clear waters full of life.

Tulum ciudad maya Beautiful cenote, with the possibility of seeing turtles that are passed from the turtle zone and get into the swimming area of people. Very very clear water, not so cold. The well preserved place, pure nature. Combined closed and open cenote

This Cenote we visited is not as well known, which is an advantage because it is not saturated with people like others in the region and the groups do not come together, the guides are super friendly, it is in the middle of the jungle and it is very large with parts of very interesting caves.

Akumal tortuga respirando It is an underground cenote, a huge, impressive and very quiet cave, Very small groups with a guide that will give you some phenomenal explanations and also if you like you can take the photos you need.

It is a wonderful and very magical place, the cenote itself is very beautiful, a lot of vegetation, with closed and other open places (communicated with each other), a lot of underwater life (turtles, fish) different depths for swimming, diving or standing in the water admiring the beautiful and leafy outdoor vegetation, The park is beautiful and invites sunbathing or walking and as I said in the title, all at a very reasonable price, there are lockers and rental of equipment and vests although they are not mandatory. Shower required before entering

Snorkel con tortugas akumal Without any doubt the best cenote in the region, the super professional guides, excellent facilities, we take pride in our personalized attention, Totally recommended for all visitors in the area of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya, the feeling of traveling through these caves with their stalactites and stalagmites you will remember for a lifetime.

It is a unique experience and 100% recommended to everyone, the place is spectacular and unique, do not think more Tulum & Cenote tour fun guaranteed

If you came here looking for some cenote information we want to tell you that we have this option, if you just want to make a quick visit to Tulum we also have this option called Tulum Express, Being the direct providers of the excursion allows us this flexibility here you have some very interesting options

I also take this opportunity to tell you that we have a blog with a lot of information on how to take advantage of the tourist places of Tulum, an exhaustive analysis of Cenotes y places around this beautiful place, tips, recommendations and advice on how to save your money and get the most out of your daily life in this heavenly place

Questions like "cenote dos ojos", "cenote aktun chen", "tour chichen itza", "cenotes en tulum", They are widely answered by our agents, who by the way are local people in the area and know all the places like the palm of their hands.

As you may have noticed, we have everything to make your vacation the perfect balance of quality and price, we do not get tired of repeating it, we are your best option to visit the archaeological zone of Tulum since we are the direct operators of the excursion


We have the luxury of being able to offer the lowest price in the market with the same or higher quality than our competitors because our company is responsible for the complete operation of the tour, this allows us to offer you the best prices

In our company we warmly welcome visitors from all over the world, the price is in pesos and you can pay in dollars or euros at the current exchange rate

Departing from Playa del Carmen
  • 9 years up is considered Adult the price is $45 USD per person or $800 pesos mxn o $40 euros
  • 3 to 9 years is considered a child and the price is $40 USD per person or $700 pesos mxn or $36 euros
  • 0 to 3 years is considered an infant and is totally free, however, they have not been assigned a seat
Departing from Cancun
  • 9 years up is considered Adult the price is $55 USD per person or $999 pesos mxn o $48 euros
  • 3 to 9 years is considered a child and the price is $50 USD per person or $900 pesos mxn or $45 euros
  • 0 to 3 years is considered an infant and is totally free, however, they have not been assigned a seat

Important note

Children measuring more than 1.40 meters, but under 9 years old, an identification is required to prove their age to apply the price of children

Meeting place

For your convenience, our guides have instructions to go through each of our guests to the lobby of their respective hotel

In this way we save you the cost of transportation to the meeting point, in this way you will not have to deal looking for directions, nor will you have to pay more money to pay a taxi to the meeting place

  • The meeting place is the lobby of your hotel (hotels located in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya)
  • The schedule that will pass the transportation to your hotel depends on the location of the hotel
  • If we know the address of your hotel we will pass by you, otherwise we will designate a nearby and central place
  • If you have questions about the location of your hotel send us an email

It includes

Below, you will find a description of what our excursion includes, in a very attentive way we strongly recommend all our guests to always carry cash for extra expenses not included in the tour, we try as much as possible to include everything necessary, but there may always be unforeseen purchases, tips, photographs etc.

  • Round transportation in hotels located in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya
  • Comfortable units with air conditioning
  • Professional driver
  • Small groups
  • Early departures to make the most of the day
  • Access to the archaeological zone of Tulum
  • Guided tour of the area through a guide certified by the archaeological zone of Tulum
  • Free time in Tulum (You can swim on the beach)
  • Entrance to the cenote

Not include

With the greatest interest on the well-being of our clients we make a list of the things that are not included in our rate, this in order to avoid misunderstandings as much as possible, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us

  • Train from the parking lot to the entrance at Tulum
  • Tips
  • Photos
  • Souvenirs
  • In the ruins if you carry a video camera, there is an extra charge
  • Snorkeling equipment (Mask, Lifejackets etc) to explore cenote
  • Guided tour of the cenote
  • Flashlights
  • Food
  • If it is not specified in the Include tab, it is not included


We have the best promotions, always having as main objective to reach the large groups or families that visit the Yucatan Peninsula, in this way we put at your disposal the following promotions in force this year

  • When buying 6 excursions to Tulum, Cenotes get a 15% discount
  • Groups over 10 people have a special price please send an email

These promotions are valid until August 30, 2019.

*Terms and Conditions

  • Reservations with promotions require reservations at least 7 days in advance of the day of the excursion.
  • Promotion valid until August 30, 2019
  • This promotion does not apply or may be combined with another promotion, offer or package

If you wish to apply for this promotion please send an email or call and let our customer service department know so that the desired discount is applied

What are you waiting for, book now and get advantage of these promotions and discounts! www.tulum-tours we are your best option

What to bring

Taking into account that the archaeological zone of Tulum is different from other archeological zones on the peninsula, we have for you the following recommendations of items to bring, to make your visit more pleasant and always looking for your comfort

  • Cap or sun hat
  • Comfortable and cool clothes since you walked a lot and with average temperatures of 25-30 degrees you could get very hot
  • Comfortable walking shoes (tennis, can be sandals)
  • A backpack with bottled water (Within the archeological areas they are not available or expensive)
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Towels
  • Snacks
  • Photographic camera
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Swimsuit (you can swim in Tulum and in the cenotes) can be worn under clothing for more comfort
  • Cash, credit card for souvenirs
  • Mask for snorkeling
  • Good attitude :-)

Payment Methods

We have all available payment methods such as:

  • deposit in our bank account
  • PayPal
  • If you are very apprehensive, we have the option to pay the total cost of the excursion at the time of the pickup Restrictions apply

Once the deposit is made you will be sent all the necessary information of the pickup place, telephone numbers, photo of the guides and everything elementary to know where to go in case you need assistance

Frequent questions

About the excursion

1.- How long is the Tulum Cenotes tour?

Depending on where your hotel is located, whether it is Cancun or Playa del Carmen, but it lasts approximately 7 hours since 2 fantastic places are visited. Tulum and spectacular cenote

2.- Should we know how to swim? to be in the cenote

A little, you don't have to be an expert swimmer while you know how to float and be calm in the water is more than enough

3.- What does it include in the cenote?

Entrance to the cenote, facilities inside the cenote, bathrooms, showers etc.

4.- What does the Tulum Cenotes tour include?

It basically includes the following
  • Round transportation
  • Entrance to the archaeological zone of Tulum
  • Guided tour by certified guide in Tulum
  • Visit to Playa Paraiso
  • Cenote facilities
you want more information check this link

5.- Does the price seem very cheap, is there a trick?

It is true, and you know why the price is like this, because we are the direct providers of the excursion which allows us to handle the lowest price in the market, however to avoid misunderstandings, we try to be as explicit as possible about what includes and That does not include the excursion, but the simple answer is NO, THERE IS NO TRICK, if you have any questions please contact us

6.- Does Tulum Cenotes tour include food?

No. It is not a very long excursion

7.- Does Tulum Cenotes tour include drinks?

Does not include drinks

8.- Can we swim on the beach?

YES, in Tulum we have free time that can be used to swim on the beach, also remember that we will swim in a spectacular cenote

9.- Can I introduce my baby's food?

YES, we are aware of the babies and Yes it can be introduced into the cenote, however, in the archaeological zones the decision depends on their custodians.

10.- Can you enter food in the archeological zone?

Unfortunately NO, there are almost no trash cans and a lot of garbage would be generated within the archaeological zone, food is not allowed to enter Tulum or Coba

11.- How much time in each place?

Times are approximate and depend on many factors, however, we can give you times on average based on our experience, which may vary

  • Tulum: 2 Hours
  • Paradise beach 1 hour
  • Cenote: 1 hour

Reservations, Changes, Customer Service and Cancellations

1.- How can I book?

Send an email, phone call or WhatsApp to the numbers that are on the screen, indicating the day and the number of adults and children, we will check if there is availability and you only have to pay a deposit to guarantee your reservation, the rest of the money in cash at the time of looking for your group or you can pay the full amount before the tour

2.- If I buy online how do I get my tickets?

At the time we confirm your deposit, an email will be sent with all the information of the meeting place, schedules, photos of the guide etc. That email is your ticket, there is your reservation number and everything you need to identify yourself

3.- Do I have to reserve for a specific date?

If, especially during the holiday season we tend to be full on all our tours, it is advisable to have a specific day to guarantee your transportation spaces

4.- I don't have a credit card how can I do it?

You can make the direct deposit to our bank accounts, you can also pay by debit card or you can pay in cash at the time of the tour (restrictions apply)

5.- I am very distrustful, I have had bad past experiences, can I pay everything at the time of the tour since I see the transport and the guides?

Yes, we are flexible in the payment methods, however, all we ask is that you show our online advisors that you really do appear at the time of the excursion, so restrictions apply but if we have this option, send a email for more information

6.- What schedules do you have for customer service?

We work all day, but office hours are from 07:00 am to 10:00 pm Monday through Friday and Saturdays and Sundays from 07:00 am to 09:00 pm

7.- Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

Yes, there is no problem as long as both parties agree and let us know

8.- how can i call you from abroad?

If you dial from the United States we have phones with Lada USA, if you want to speak to the central offices in Playa del Carmen dial (+52 1) 987 112 94 91

9.- If I reserve for a date, but for some reasons i want to change the day is it possible to do it?

Without any problem, the only thing we ask is 12 hours in advance so that these spaces are sold to someone else

10.- Can I pay with someone else's card?

Yes, while the cardholder agrees to that transaction

11.- I Can not print my coupon What can i do?

Call us to send you a new one in case of loss, although with only your name or your confirmation number is more than enough, our operators are with a list of all the people they have to go to look for

12.- When can I cancel?

At any time as long as it is at least 12 hours in advance, if for some reason you don't show, There is some charges or administrative expenses are generated, but each case is analyzed separately

13.- How can I contact you?

We have all the options available, you can talk on the phone, send an SMS message, by WhatsApp, Email that is the most recommended, or you can come in person to our offices located in Playa del Carmen

14.- I am interested can you mark me?

Yes, just send us your phone number and an operator will be happy to contact you

15.- What are your cancellation and refund policies?

While you notify us that there will be a change or cancellation with 12 hours in advance, no charges apply, we also have a bad weather policy, which stipulates that, if it is raining very hard and you think it will be like this all day, you can cancel with a 100% refund there is no other company that offers you all these flexibility options

Cost, Promotions and Payment Methods

1.- What is the price of the Tulum and Cenotes excursion from Playa del Carmen?

The price per adult over 9 years is $45 dollars per person, between 3 and 9 years is considered a child and the price is $40 dollars per person, under 3 years is considered infant and do not pay, however, no they take a seat on the bus.                             Important: Children over 1.40 and under 9 are considered adults and an identification is required to check their age for more info check this link

2.- When do you consider yourself an adult and a kid from Playa del Carmen?

Above 9 years is considered an adult and they pay $45 dollars per person, between 3 and 9 they are considered minors and they pay $40 dollars per person, if the child is under 9 years old, but is over 1.40 cm tall, they are considered adults, children under 3 years are considered minors and do not pay

3.- Are we a big family, do you have a better price?

Yes, contact us to find a package to suit you, and see what promotions are available, the one we have all this year is if there are 6 adults we give you a 15% discount for each member of your family

4.- What promotions do you have?

If there are 6 adults we give you a 15% discount, the best prices and the best promotions because we are the direct operators of the excursion, you are a larger group send email we can give you a better discount

5.- I am not Mexican, do you respect the same price?

Without any problem, it is the same price for everyone, you can pay in pesos, us dollars or euros at the exchange rate of the day of the excursion

6.- How can I pay you?

In all possible ways, bank deposit, cash, dollars, euros, online banking, PayPal etc. Contact us for more information

7.- Can I pay you in Dollars or Euros?

Yes, only the exchange rate of the day is applied, if it is another currency send email to see if we can accept it

8.- Can I pay you with a credit card?

Yes, without any problem, in fact, it is the most common payment method

9.- Can I present my purchase confirmation on my cell phone or Tablet?

Yes, our operators have a list of all the people considered in the excursion


1.- Does it include transportation?

Yes, luxury transportation, depending on the number of people can be a truck or a van, all have air conditioning and highly trained drivers

2.- Where do they pick me up?

In the comfort of your lodging center, as long as we know the address and transport can enter, there is no pickup in the popular areas, only in hotels or hostels, you want more information check this link

3.- How do you guarantee that you would pick me up?

We have a reputation to take care of and today with social networks it is very easy to have a bad reputation, we take great care of our image and we will never sell you something that we are not sure we can meet, coupled with this we offer the following pays everything at the moment that we go to look for you since you see the transport and our guides, we have no problems in this regard, only that, if restrictions apply, if you have questions send an email we are here to serve you

4.- How many minutes do I have tolerance when going for me?

5 minutes, remember that there are more people that we have to go looking for, so out of respect for others, the tolerance time is very short.


Our itineraries are totally flexible to events outside our operation (crashes, demonstrations etc) always trying to visit all the places mentioned in the tour description. We reserve the right to modify the itinerary based on our experience.

  • Archaeological Zone of Tulum, Guided Visit, Free Time in the area
  • Visit a beautiful cenote


At the time of mentioning the restrictions to our tour we do it with the aim of avoiding accidents and alerting our clients of the level of effort required in some of the activities that make up the tour such as:

  • Because of the complicated terrain in the ruins it is not advisable for people in wheelchairs
  • You have to have the ability to walk on sloping terrain, loose rocks, gravel etc.
  • There is a 10-minute stretch from the parking spot in Tulum to the entrance to the ruins
  • Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Tripies, special video equipment is prohibited in the ruins
  • In Tulum it is strictly forbidden to climb the ruins


As humans we understand that on some occasions they want to cancel the tour (diseases, humor, change of plans), that is why we are a company sensitive to these situations and we put at your disposal our cancellation policy

  • There are no cancellation charges at least 12 hours in advance
  • If there is very heavy rain you have the option to cancel without any penalty
  • Health problems, applies to only one individual, but not to the rest of the participants

Rate:5/5 based on 6 votes

This cenote have the most beautiful spots! The water is so good, I went alone and I enjoyid everything, if I u come to Tulum you would love this place!!


The place was clean enough and very well run. Everyone was showering before and after going in which certainly helps protect the bio diversity in the cenote.


Great cenote; the whole family (including two teenagers) liked it!


This was my first time going to a cenote, and I was so pleased with the outcome. I brought my own snorkel gear (but you can rent on site), rented a life vest and brought my own snacks. There is nowhere to buy food once you're there. There are bathrooms though.


This was the second cenote I visited while in Tulum and I must say, it was amazing. The cenote is beautiful and the staff there are super strict about fully showering before entering the water. I respected this, as outsiders seem to have a lax take on how precious these waters are to the locals and do not need our pollution of something so endeared


Grand Cenote was the first cenote I experienced while in Tulum and it was by far my favorite. The water is breathtaking (pictures don't do it justice) and the overall experience is just the coolest. There are turtles, amazing underwater views and every part is excellent for snorkeling (bring your own gear so you don't have to pay!)


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