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Notice of Terms and Conditions www.tulum-tours.com

All the excursions offered by www.tulum-tours (from now called Tulum Tours) are based on faith and trust between Tulum Tours associates, vendors and customers.

Descriptions of excursions advertised by Tulum Tours are prepared directly by the company Tulum Tours. If the tour does not conform to the above description, either in the part of printed copies, web pages etc. Send an email, on certain occasions you can make changes in activities due to climate, logistics, etc. Each case will be analyzed separately to check whether or not reimbursement applies

When buying an excursion with Tulum Tours we will try to review all the details regarding the reservation, such as tour day, departure time etc. However, it is the responsibility of the client that all the details of the reservation are in accordance with their stays in their hotels or lodging centers, schedules, days etc.

Departure times are in local time, for more information on local time please visit www.worldtimeserver.com, Tulum Tours is not responsible for the information on this website however, it is considered a safe and reliable source about of hourly uses in this Zone of Mexico.

If you have any questions about meeting places, departure times, appointment times etc. The client must contact Tulum Tours before the departure of their excursion. If for any reason the scheduled days of your vacation have any changes, please try to contact Tulum Tours immediately, we will try to rearrange your excursion and departure time

The reservation of the clients will not be confirmed until the agreement and the statutes of terms and conditions are accepted by the parties. Customer reservations will not be confirmed until the seller confirms availability. Once the availability is confirmed you will receive an electronic receipt by email as proof of the reservation process or that the reservation is secured.

If the client does not arrive at the destination of his vacations or changes are made that are impossible to satisfy for Tulum Tours due to over-ups in his excursions. Tulum Tours is committed to 100% money back, all changes must be communicated to Tulum Tours as soon as possible, not less than 2 days before the reservation date

Tulum Tours reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary of the Activities without prior notice. These changes may be due to changes required by the seller, tour quality or security measures. Some photos published on the web pages are only informative and do not apply to certain excursions

Tulum Tours reserves the right to make any changes to the itinerary, content and duration times etc. of the excursion. Please keep in mind that these changes are for security reasons, related to weather issues, customer conditions, changes in duration schedules etc. And they will always be done for the purpose of safety and quality of the excursion.

Tulum Tours may need to make changes due to luggage issues, vehicle availability, etc. In this case do not take the tour if you do not agree with these changes, however if you decide to participate, no refund will be granted, any questions with this issue please contact Tulum Tours as soon as possible no less than 2 days after the tour date

If Tulum Tours decides to cancel the excursion due to climatic or similar issues. Full refund will be granted to the customer. If the participants decide not to take the excursion or leave it due to weather issues, no refund will be applied.

If the client fails in the appointment of the pickup schedule at the designated place and time, full refund will be granted if notified with a minimum of 24 hours in advance. If the client decides to leave the tour in certain parts of the tour, there is no refund and it is the client's responsibility to transport them back to their lodging center and the cost of the same. All cancellations must be sent by email to hola@tulum-tours.com using

Any promotion or discount coupon published or offered is not valid with other promotions

Please note that any other travel agency or sales representative is not authorized to change any excursion booked with Tulum Tours. Tulum Tours excursions are independent of hotel travel agencies and if any or several similar excursions are canceled by these travel agencies it does not mean that the Tulum Tours excursion is canceled. You need to contact a Tulum Tours representative to check if the tour has been canceled

Any group rate issued by Tulum Tours is based on the total number of people, no refunds apply if fewer people arrive than originally scheduled for the excursion. If part of the group cancels and a discount is applied to a specific number of people, the discount will be deducted from the refunded cancellations

If one or more participants in your group have mobility problems, please notify our representatives to make the necessary arrangements for their participation. If Tulum Tours is not informed of any of these people with similar problems, we do not guarantee their participation or satisfaction and therefore no refund applies.

The client is responsible for verifying that the minimum requirements of authorized ages are met, if any of these requirements or requirements are not met, no refund applies, if you are denied participation in the activities by the Tulum Tours representative, these conditions or Restrictions are based on your safety and the well-being of the group and in many occasions are part of local laws, insurance or certifications etc.

Tulum Tours is not responsible for any loss, damage, cost or delays resulting from using our services. If any of these situations happen, it is necessary that you contact any of our representatives to check responsibility or complaints, in any way our goal is to sell you safe excursions always giving a professional service, We recommend following the recommendations of our representatives, any lost luggage or personal items are sometimes difficult to locate, we recommend checking your belongings always at the end of any of our excursions to check that they are all complete.

Prices are in Mexican pesos, if they are paid in another currency Tulum Tours is not responsible for the exchange rate that is applied at the time of payment. Tulum Tours reserves the right to change the price of an excursion at any time. Any reservation processed before the price is modified will respect the price established at the time of reservation

The customer has read these terms and conditions and agrees with them

In Tulum, the most impressive is the stories that the guides tell you about their interest in astronomy, astrology and other things that made each of their buildings built to the millimeter for their purpose, their knowledge of the sea and the tides and the beautiful landscape that surrounds them make Tulum a beautiful place to visit.

Akumal is a beautiful, quiet beach, where you can snokel with turtles that will eat the grass on the beach. It can be reached by bus and it is a very nice place to stay all day.

Coba is an excellent place for a pleasant walk or bike ride, enjoying nature and also the ruins along the route that are really interesting. Climb to the top of the main pyramid and enjoy the splendor of the view. The place really transports you and gives you a feeling of tranquility, it fills you with a positive energy. Widely recommended

Warm but very good expedition. Tulum is a small Mayan city, only ruins remain, but you can see a house, tombs, the temple, the palace and the surrounding wall. With possibilities to swim on the seashore watching the waves colliding with the coral reef, the second largest in the world. There is enough shade

Akumal is one of the prettiest and cleanest beaches of the Mayan Riviera white sands and beautiful temperate water without many waves

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